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Iginio De Luca’s “Tevere Expo”: Uncovering Another Side of Rome

Arts | 1 September 2022

A photographic exhibition by Italian artist Iginio De Luca is being held at the Auditorium of the Italian Cultural Institute Jakarta, until 30 September.

The exhibition “Tevere Expo” is presented by the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute Jakarta. The exhibition is a 'Cantica 21' project as a collaboration between the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage (MiC) which aims to expose the unconscious soul of the river Tevere and consequently also ours: things considered forgotten and never tolerated. 

“Tevere Expo” showcases the beautiful photographs of Iginio De Luca, a multimedia installation teacher who has won a public competition to support contemporary research, which focuses on showing objects in water, especially rivers. Its purpose is to bring Italian art to the world by means of a "widespread exhibition" and involves the Museum of Contemporary Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts of Frosinone (MACA).

Trash, lost objects, immersed in fragments that were initially personal then become public, emerge from the water to the air, cloudy and blurred images become alternatives to unavoidable realities: those of carelessness and abandonment. The title refers, with pop and sarcastic intent, to a summer evening event that is held every year along the river. A unique promotional campaign in a democratic and popular way that illustrates the useless, fragments and unusable.

Tevere overflows metaphorically into the street, reaches into the public spaces, expresses the denunciation in a poetic way that declares the soul and its most visionary sides. The manifestations as the ethical mirror, the symbol of pretext and the value of universal aesthetic in reflecting and one to reflect. 

An artistic-documentary video and high-quality digital prints, illustrating the urban installation accompany the work. The project includes an urban installation with selected photos, 5 maxi-photographs of 2x3 meters and 2 photographs of 120x80 meters that will be displayed at the venue of the exhibition.

Through this exhibition, the photographer intends to bring another side of Rome to the rest of the world. He intends to make the audience of his work see the other side of the Tiber River in Italy as a reminder for things that have been forgotten. This is in line with Iginio's work which focuses on showing simple items that are close to humans and have been thrown into the river.
"I want to take Rome around the world. Bring a side of Rome that has never been shown before. I want to travel the world and give another perspective on the world through the rivers I follow. Besides that, I can also receive something from many people in every place that I want to see. I visited," said Iginio De Luca.

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