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Kota Tua in a Time of Covid : Returning to 'Old Town'

EXPLORE JAKARTA | 27 September 2020
Jakarta’s Old Town tourist complex gradually takes steps to resume normal life. Visitors have to obey the rules to experience the heritage site safely. NOW!JAKARTA

One of the most famous tourist spots in the nation’s capital, Kota Tua, or 'Old Town' has reopened for visitors for the first time since the implementation of the transitional large-scale social restrictions in June. Various efforts are taken to facilitate visitors to return amidst the unfinished Covid-19 pandemic so that they can visit the site while abiding to the full health protocol regulations.

Head of the Management Unit of the Jakarta Old Town, Deddy Tarmizi revealed to NOW! Jakarta that since the reopening, this visitor numbers have not returned to an enthusiastic level, and the streets of Old Town remain quiet. He said that previously, in normal weekend conditions, the Jakarta Old Town area was visited on average by 6,000 to 7,000 visitors per day. Now this colonnial memory has implemented health protocols that visitors must adhere to strictly.

“I’m very serious about the health problems of visitors,  which I’m really concerned about the health protocols applied here. First, visitors must wear a mask, we also provide it free to anticipate visitors who do not bring masks, and check body temperature. That's the standard. Then we have provided 33 hand-washing stations for visitors to wash their hands completed with soap and tissue. This, too, is a must. Our officers have also briefed us to monitor any crowds because the rules must be one-metre distance and we can only accept 50% of capacity; also the museum and restaurants in the complex area are still closed and visitors over 60 years old are not allowed to enter. Everything about the rules and health protocols available at our information centre and visitors can inquire there,” Deddy Tarmizi explained.

In addition, he has also streamlined entry and exit to two entrances from as many as seven and one exit in pre-Covid-19 era. This is part of a number of steps to anticipate the spread of Covid-19 in the tourist area, which is very vulnerable because it is one of the centres of tourist crowds. For visitors who plan to come, the museums in the Jakarta Old Town complex are open from 9AM to 3PM.