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Riana Bismarak's Favourite Restaurant

Culinary Talk | 11 October 2016

Riana Bismarak, better known as Ree, is a self-confessed shopaholic with passion for jazz, style and Adriana Lima. She is also the owner of and her namesake fashion brand Ree Indonesia. Ree is just as passionate about eating out and has a list of constant favourites which she longs to share with NOW! Jakarta readers.

Riana Bismarak's Favourite Restaurant (1) Indonesian food is my number one comfort food and will always be my favourite food in the world. Remboelan has the best Dendeng Balado (beef jerky in chili paste), not only in Jakarta, but also in the whole country. Seriously, I’ve never found any other restaurant in Indonesia that can make such thin, crispy beef slices. Not to mention its strategic location at Plaza Senayan. It’s perfect for either big family lunch or dinner party because the portions are really big. I recommend you to order family-style and share dishes such as Asem-asem Iga (the broth is to die for) and Nasi Bakar (which comes in many options!). For casual lunch or dinner with friends  - Cork & Screw Plaza Indonesia It’s located in a shopping mall that features all my favorite brands, so naturally, that’s where my friends and I often hang out. The food never fails and the service is also just as good. The prices are quite moderate and they have my favorite Large Banana Tart! When I’m in the mood for Indonesian food, I’d usually go for Ayam Betutu or Nasi Campur, but if it’s Western I feel like having, I’d opt for the Snails in Puff Pastry with Creamy Garlic Sauce. I must say that their Duck Confit with Green Beans, Beef Bacon and Potatoes is still the best in town. It’s a place we go to regularly, once a week, for food or simply dessert accompanied by wine and cocktails. For rainy days - Monviet at Kemang Village For those living and working in the neighbourhood, Kemang Village has become the most convenient place to get a quick bite. I was happy when I found the Vietnamese restaurant Monviet. For me, they have the best Pho in town. The broth is refreshing and it comes with different choices: with meatball, brisket, sliced beef or chicken. On rainy days or when I’m down with a cold their Pho definitely cheers me up. Riana Bismarak's Favourite Restaurant (2) For the best Taco  – Taco Local at Dharmawangsa I’ve been one of Taco Local’s most loyal customers ever since it first opened in Panglima Polim. The tacos here are fresh and come in many varieties. My favourite from their menu is Tacos Lengua, which is grilled beef tongue with crispy pork rind, pico de gallo, guacamole and salsa roja. For those who don’t eat pork, you can order Tacos Al Carne, which is shredded beef, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole and salsa roja. At IDR 40,000, the prices are reasonable. You can have it for take away or order by GoFood. If you do eat it on the spot, don’t forget to try the best iced cappuccino in town from ButFirst Coffee, which is located in the same area. For early meetings – Monolog at Plaza Senayan What I love the most about this place is that it has become a non-smoking area! On top of that, it opens at 7 AM, so naturally it has become my top pick for early morning meetings and for getting a nice cup of cappuccino. The place also offers a lot of power sockets and comfortable chair arrangement. The all-day breakfast menu is definitely worth a try. I personally love their Quinoa Sweet Potato Salad the most. It’s both very healthy and fulfilling.