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Caspar Returns With New Magic

Dine | 17 September 2021

This traditional/modern Spanish restaurant and lounge opened to accolades for its outstanding design and its great food. From every corner it ignited a new excitement and emotion reflected in the exquisite interior which was designed to house  many wonderful treasures  within its many cupboards and drawers on the ceiling and walls-intentionally bringing elements of surprise. Added to that, through his years of experiences, Chef Rafael Martinez and his team created classic Spanish cuisine with modern cooking techniques, bringing creativity into every dish. But then covid brought it–like so many others–to a standstill. Now! Jakarta caught up with Caspar’s Dhany Rahmana Nasution to get right up to date, as it re-opens….

AGS: Great to see Caspar open and bringing in the loyal guests again. Has the pandemic been a challenge for you?

DRN: Caspar was officially opened on 18th December 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We do our very best to follow the strict protocols and all health regulations and keep us on our toes to ensure dining experiences are safe for both diners and staffs. Our fighting spirit are high, as we stay positive throughout and continue to do R&D to improve our foods, drinks, services and many areas as you seen today.

AGS: What changes has the whole Covid situation forced on you? Are you happy with the situation now?

DRN: The changes are the closing hours regulations and social distancing which is mostly uncomfortable for our guests as they have work within the closing time.

We are a team with a focus on how to make the best out of the situations and as things get difficult, we solve it together as a group professionally so keep us running and not slowing down. Even though the crowds were greatly reduced.

We focus on training and re-training. We also research and explore to equip ourselves better once that pandemic is over.

AGS: The great trend now is for outside dining where people feel more comfortable in the open air, I understand you have added even more space outside to accommodate this. Tell us more please.

DRN: Yes. Over the months of March and April, we see that they are more reservations requesting for outdoor siting. We also saw the trend in Europe when Alfresco is very popular. We came to decision to change part our dinner area to outdoor even expanding out into the garden patio.

AGS: Have there been any changes to the menu recently ? Any new dishes that we should be looking out for?

DRN: Yes, Chef Rafael Martinez and his team have added a few new dishes on our meal like Embutidos, paired with our red or white Sangria. Brocoli Canalla, crunchy, flaky vegetarian dishes with kimchi mayonnaise. An addition of new Paella, Arroz Meloso De Marisco, creamy seafood rice with delicious octopus and scampi.

Also our beverage selection, we provide a few categories, after our opening we complete our Whisk(e)y collection (at our Whisk(e)y cellar) Malt & Cigar where our client could experience every shot of our rare collection.
On the other hand our beverage super team also preparing for the second menu launch, Deconstruct Vol.2 "Flavamotion" , another experimental series and selection of craft recipes concocted by our Beverage Manager Imam Azzai.
AGS: What about opening hours? Is that now a challenge?

DRN: Great that now dinner hours have been extended to 9pm. Guests can enjoy from 4pm till 9pm for a lovely dinner at Caspar. With the new expansion for the outdoor space, more great Spanish dishes and selection of alcoholic drinks, it helps to increase the reservation.

AGS: If I am planning to go to Caspar, and not sure of what to do, who should I contact?

DRN: Please contact our Reservation number at 0822 17817880. And our dedicated hostess will take care of you. Or speak to our Restaurant Manger Mr Lugiano Rubio, who will take great care of you! 

Thank you Dhany and very good luck to all our friends at Caspar.