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Delightful Dining at Furusato Izakaya

Dine | 17 September 2021

Few diners enter the portals of Furusato Izakaya without quietly saying to themselves: ”this is really like being in Kyoto” which sets the atmosphere for a really great lunch or dinner as you feel you are already transported to the land of the rising sun. This is an authentically Japanese restaurant but conveniently  located in CBD Jakarta, serving all your favourite Japanese dishes from Sashimi, Agemono, Teppanyaki to a very pleasing Teriyaki! Prepare to be impressed by the skill of a true washoku chef who will dish up hometown experiences to match the freshness and quality of ingredients.

This elegant restaurant provides an authentic setting for an exquisite epicurean journey, with the décor and ambiance really reflecting a Japanese experience. For privacy and comfort you can choose to enjoy your meals in a selection of 10 Tatami rooms of different sizes or just relax in the wooden tables seating across from the open kitchen and see the thetre of the production of their fine dishes. The classic selection of dishes in the special menu goes from from Gyukakuni, Nanban Chicken, Ikura Don, Curry Rice, Tempura Moriawase, to Salmon and Chicken Teriyaki and Unagi Kabayaki and there are also lunch packages such as Aji Furai lunch...

Born in Fukuoka, Chef Ryohei Tsuruta was trained in his hometown perfecting his cooking skills in many Izakayas and traditional Japanese restaurants. Trained under a well known Chef Mr. Meida from Kyoto’s Tankuma restaurant, Chef Ryohei through thoughtful dishes continue to amaze his diners. Ryohei further exposed and improved his culinary skills and got certified by Singapore’s top culinary institution. He received high commendation for his Dashi preparations and Agemon dishes. Through Furusato Izakaya, he hopes to bring diners memories of Japanese culinary from his hometown. 

There is a good selection of drinks on the menu including some fine Sakes, which will ensure the enjoyment of every aspect of the meal will be savoured.  

Note: Don’t forget to check for the latest dining regulations before planning your meal which is best done just by calling for a reservation and making sure of the opening times and entry requirements. 

For reservation please contact:
Phone : +62 8119250020
Email : [email protected]

Opening hours is Daily
Lunch 11:00 - 15:00
Dinner 5:00 - 23:00