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Jakarta’s Craft Beer Havens


Is there a better way to end a day than having a big, cold swig of beer? It’s a feeling many of us enjoy, and for most of us that beer is usually a bottle of Bintang or Heineken at our local bar, where we celebrate with friends at the end of a work week. 

Two bottles of Tuatari Beer on top of a table
Independently produced beer are not less good compared to those owned by big companies. Photo courtesy of @beerhall/NOW!JAKARTA

However, what if you’re looking for another kind of beer? Craft beers, those independently produced at a small scale, are actually available in Jakarta - contrary to popular belief! There are a number of beer-focused hotspots around the city serving up an array of craft beers, both local and international. So if you’re looking for craft beer in Jakarta, here’s where to head to!

Beer Garden

Located in three different places in Jakarta, Beer Garden is probably the most popular destination among beer lovers for post-work hangouts. As its name suggests, patrons come here looking for good beer - and that’s just what you’ll find! For those looking for variety, Beer Gardens stocks up on Guinness to El Diablo. The highlight here is the New Zealand owned Tuatara craft beer, which comes as a ‘Pilsner’, ‘Sauvinova’ and ‘Apa’.

A bottle of Start beer held by a man.
Indonesia actually has its own craft beer. Photo courtesy of @beergardenjkt/NOW!JAKARTA

Recently, Beer Garden also become a retailer of Indonesia’s own craft beer brand, Stark. These craft beer brands are available in Beer Garden’s Kemang, SCBD, and Radio Dalam branches. For those looking for crafted cider, Bali brand Albens is the perfect choice for people to enjoy its fruity flavours. 

Beer Garden

Multiple locations, one in Jalan Kemang Selatan No. 7 South Jakarta 12560
T: +62 21 789 1145
IG: @beergardenjkt

Beer Hall

Another aptly named establishment is Beer Hall, an extensive version of its sister establishment, Beer Garden. Beer Hall serves more beers, more food and more cocktails than its garden parallel. Along with the wide selection of international beers, Beer Hall provides New Zealand Tuatara with four different flavours namely, Coastin’ Session IPA, Wiz, Guy Hefeweizen, Bohemian Pilsner, and Aotearoa Pale Ale. Taste of Californian Beer Anderson Valley with an exclusive edition of Heelch O’Hops Double IPA is available for a finer taste. Beer lovers also could try craft beer brand from Oregon, United States namely Deschutes Brewery which come with two flavours of Black Butte Porter, and Fresh Squeezed IPA. Guests can discover a complete collection of Indonesian craft beer Stark, available in six varieties such as Wheat, Dark, Low Carb, Mango Ale, and IPA. Of course, Beer Hall offers up handcrafted cocktails for those all beer-ed out! Their cocktails come in three different sizes 0,3L, 0,5L, and 1L. For food, we suggest digging into a selection of signature Bavarian meals - the perfect accompaniment for a glass of beer.

Beer Hall

Kawasan SCBD
Jalan Jendral Sudirman No. Kav 52-53 South Jakarta 12190
T: +62 21 51 400 949
IG: @beerhall

Beer Brother

Nestled in Taman Kemang, Beer Brother Kemang is warm and welcoming, with its casual atmosphere inviting all for a drink or two… or three! Beer Brother Kemang is home to more than 20 local and international beer brands, from locally-made Bali Hai to German most-loved Erdinger. On the menu, Beer Brother serves their own homemade beer with five variants such as Brother Size, Crazy Size, Strawberry, Lychee, and Mango flavours. Served in a medium bottle, Bali's craft beer Stark is also served here. Beer Brother Kemang not only serves an abundant choice of beer but also creative and classic cocktails as well as other alcoholic beverage from Arak Bali to Bacardi light rum.   

A toast of two bottles of Bali Hai beer
Beer Brother Kemang offers locally-made Bali Hai to German most-loved Erdinger. Photo courtesy of @beerbrotherkemang/NOW!JAKARTA

Beer Brother

Jalan Taman Kemang II No. 28 South Jakarta 12730
T: +62 21 71796030 / +62 817170799
IG: @beerbrotherkemang

Paulaner Brauhaus

At this establishment, it’s Oktoberfest everyday of the week! Bavarian culture is at the heart of the popular beer house, found at both Grand Indonesia Shopping Centre and Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. This Munich-inspired restaurant is favourite place for both locals and expats to have fresh brew made by Paulaner! Locally produced in their very own independent brewery, Paulaner beer is mixed with different kinds of flavours to create a unique taste. The annual Oktoberfest is celebrated here where people could sip a creation of classic mixed beer drinks such as Hell (lager), Dunkel (dark beer), and Hefe-Weißbier (wheat beer). Beer lovers can also try fruit and cola concoction of Radler, Mango, Strawberry Breeze, Black Bart, Very Cherry, Lychee Zest and Apple Cider. 

A bartender filling a glass of beer
Locally produced in their very own independent brewery, Paulaner beer is mixed with different kinds of flavours. Photo courtesy of @paulanerjakarta/NOW!JAKARTA

Paulaner Brauhaus

Grand Indonesia
Jalan M.H. Thamrin No.1 Central Jakarta 10310
T: +62 21 23583871
IG: @paulanerjakarta

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