Jakarta Dessert Week 2021

25 October 2021 - 14 November 2021

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Bazaar & Festival

Jakarta Dessert Week 2021

Jakarta Dessert Week (JDW) is still being run in the midst of a pandemic situation by cooperating with Tokopedia, which provides a special dessert and pastry menu page for JDW. The festival takes place on October 25th - November 14th, 2021.


This year, the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy also appointed JDW as part of the 2021 Kharisma Event Nusantara (KEN)--one of the Indonesian government's efforts to encourage the rise of the creative economy in Indonesia. This event is expected to boost the national economy which has been slumped due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


JDW is the largest dessert festival in Indonesia that aims to support the dessert and pastry industry ecosystem in Jakarta by providing creative space for people in the dessert industry. The selection of cake shops and restaurants is based on a curatorial process, with assessments covering product quality, narrative, and existence.


As a 'moving out of the box' platform, JDW challenges kitchen artists to showcase limited-edition desserts. From the consumer side, the simultaneous movement of those limited products encourages curiosity, passion for shopping, and creates conversation. This is the uniqueness that makes JDW the only festival that requires all of its participants to present a new menu.


Not established solely for shopping, JDW also provides education through the Tokopedia Play platform. Several respected industry key players have demonstrated their skills, i.e. Chef Karen Carlotta, Chef Will Goldfarb (World's Best Pastry Chef 2021 according to The World's 50 Best Restaurants), Chef Talita Setyadi, and Chef Kim Pangestu. There have also been a.l. Devina Hermawan, Yuda Bustara, to Renatta Moeloek from among the celebrity chefs.



JDW Promotes “Art” as its 2021 Theme


This year, chefs and cake shop owners are challenged to take inspiration from artworks that come from both in Indonesia and abroad. This challenge is given with the consideration that chefs are artists who produce works of art in their kitchens. Seeing interpretations coming from kitchen artists is another fun part of JDW!


There has been 68 online/offline-based cake shops/restaurants selected to present 100+ limited-edition products. The categories include cake, bread, cookies, ice cream, gelato, to healthy treats. JDW feels a significant emergence of healthy cake producers in the midst of today's lifestyle.


Dessert demo will be done by a number of respective names, such as Sisca Soewitomo, Chef Vincent Nigita, Chef Martin Praja, Chef Nina Bertha, Chef Kim Pangestu, Chef Feri Sulfian, Tissa Aunilla, to Chef Andry Susanto.

Cake shop/restaurant curatorial is carried out by the Co-Founders of JDW: Talita Setyadi, Arimbi Nimpuno, Gupta Sitorus, Kevindra Soemantri, Tria Nuragustina, and Primo Rizky.


For more information please go to :

Jakarta Dessert Week Instagram


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