Menala (Tuning-in), a Solo Exhibition by Etza Meisyara

23 October 2021 - 20 November 2021

ISA Art and Design, Wisma 46
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Menala (Tuning-in), a Solo Exhibition by Etza Meisyara

Menala (Tuning-in) exhibition displayed from October 23 through 20 November 2021 at Wisma 46, ISA Art and Design. Featuring two-dimensional installations and video works, this exhibition reflects the artist's ceaseless attempts to explore relationships between memories, music, sounds, objects, and images – between immateriality and materiality. The title of this exhibition, Menala, is inspired by the act or process of tuning (adjusting the sound of notes on a musical instrument) and underscoring Etza's passion for constant search and experimentation.



Most of the works in this exhibition consist of a series of two-dimensional works made of brass and aluminum plates. Etza affixes color, shape, line, and texture, yet the process she took was a bit different from a general painterly method. Apart from spreading paint and transferring photographic images to compose visual compositions, she spontaneously worked on the metal sheets by dousing or brushing certain chemical liquids, such as acid and sulfur. Etza reflects on this action as a manifestation of learning and surrendering to the process of nature. Her works are a result of negotiations between her artistic intentions as a 'creator' and the natural language of the materials.


Elements of nature such as horizon, sun, sky, mountains, rivers, and hills appear vaguely in most of Etza's works. Those visual fragments have resulted from Etza's reflection on several journeys she has made over the past few years. In between her activities when working on exhibitions or participating in artist residencies in Indonesia and abroad, she always tries to find time to visit the outdoor environment such as mountains, forests, and beaches. She often contemplates building her connection with the natural surroundings by being silent and listening.


Doing contemplation in the outdoors is Etza's way of capturing, in her own words, “the vibrations of nature”. It is when doing such personal reflections that Etza carries out the tuning-in process. The adjustment of thoughts, feelings, and physical and psychological conditions within herself with the musical scale of nature. She believes that the universe, even in silence, actually makes sounds and songs incessantly. Not many of us humans are aware of how the natural environment transmits meaningful signifiers. Etza wants her practice to become a medium to materialize this process.



Having lived and worked in Bandung, Etza Meisyara is a graduate of the Master's program of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology (2016). In the last few years, Etza has participated in several artist residency programs, including La Rochelle, France, and Olafsfjordur, Iceland. Her works have been included in various solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad, including INTERSUBJECTIVITY (Jakarta, 2020); Multipolar (Bandung, 2020); INTO THE FUTURE (Jakarta, 2019); ARTJOG common|space (Yogyakarta, 2019); AURORA (Liverpool, 2018); Aurora (La Rochelle, 2018); Passing By (Bandung, 2018); Klang Kunst (Braunschweig, 2016); Tokyo Design Week (Tokyo, 2015), etc. Etza has won the Bronze award at the UOB Painting of the Year (2020) and the 2nd Winner Bandung Contemporary Art Award (2017).


Menala, Etza Meisyara's solo exhibition is curated by Agung Hujatnikajennong and presented by ISA Art and Design and ArtSocietes.


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