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VIUUM: Changing Eyewear Retail Experience with Cutting-Edge Technology

Techno | 16 September 2021

Are you in need of new eyewear? Well, you’re in luck because there’s a brand-new eyewear retail brand that just opened in town: VIUUM, located in Pondok Indah Mall 2. Offering cutting-edge technology to elevate your eyewear retail experience, VIUUM is a game-changer in the industry through its exceptional innovation to eyewear shopping in place of traditional eyewear retail that has remained largely unchanged for decades.

Released by Innovine Studio Indonesia, VIUUM aims to provide solutions to two common issues that consumers tend to face whilst eyewear shopping. Firstly, consumers tend to make choices without the appropriate information and, secondly, consumers often are left with poor assistance from opticians because of their varied skill sets.

To solve these issues, VIUUM has applied several technologies to automate a significant share of an optician’s job and make decision-making easier for consumers. These cutting-edge technologies utilised include 3D face scanning and facial analysis tool; algorithm to recommend the appropriate frame size and shape for every face; automatic recommendation of eye check-up required for each individual’s eye condition; automatic recommendation of each individual’s correct lens according to the final eye check-up result; and the use of 3D printed frames to create 128 eyeglasses size options.

As a result, VIUUM successfully created a simple, hassle-free and seamless experience for consumers by merging all of these innovations. This way, consumers can avoid trying on countless frames that don’t necessarily suit them. VIUUM caters to consumers’ recommended frames that fit their face, more standardised eye check-up service and provided an algorithm according to the recommendation of the lens that each individual needs to fix their eyesight. With VIUUM, consumers will also be able to avoid the chances of opticians trying to upsell lenses to them. Finally, consumers can expect to spend less than an hour from the moment they enter the store to receiving their completed eyeglasses.

To produce perfectly fit frames, VIUUM has been able to integrate its patented software, becoming the first eyewear retail brand in Indonesia that provides custom-fitted eyewear that comes in 128 different sizes. Efficiently produced through its 3D printing technology, the temples are created using beta-titanium that is light, has the least allergic skin reaction and is corrosion resistant. The result is super light glasses with an evenly distributed weight to two touchpoints: nose and ears, which makes it even lighter.

VIUUM has partnered up with Essilor to provide best-in-line lenses, including both basic lenses that are distributed by Essilor as well as high-end lenses produced by Essilor. These lenses feature all important components that aides consumers to protect their eyes without extra charge, such as blue light protection, 420 UV protection, anti-glare, anti-smudge, anti-reflective and scratch-resistant. Other than lenses that require custom-tailoring, progressive and transitional, consumers can receive all of the single focus lenses that can be cut on-site within 30 minutes after purchase.

Most importantly, VIUUM frames are repairable because they store parts of all products they sell, meaning any broken parts can be replaced with new ones. VIUUM offers a 6-month warranty, however, once the warranty expires, a repair will only cost a small amount of extra cost. This is a great benefit for consumers as most eyewear are irreparable, therefore, purchasing a new pair of eyeglasses consists of buying both lenses and frames.

The presence of VIUUM has definitely altered the traditional way of eyewear purchase through its state-of-the-art technology and provide consumers with simple and hassle-free optical solutions and products.

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