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The Association Of Culinary Professionals Indonesia, Launches First Book Basic Culinary Knowledge, Series 1

The Culinary Issue | 26 November 2021

The Association of Culinary Professionals Indonesia (ACP) has finally achieved their goal and dream to raise up the standards of the Indonesian culinary profession by launching a book, Basic Knowledge of Culinary Profession, Series 1. Apart from ACP's intention to make this book as a contribution to the culinary world, this book also represents the fundamental purpose for which this association was formed.

Since most of culinary books in Indonesia have been influenced by overseas literature, ACP believes it is necessary to have a book which can offer proper guidance for students who have a passion for the culinary industry also to those who take study in vocational high schools and universities. The younger generation is the one who will continue to maintain and develop Indonesian culinary traditions and cultural heritage.

ACP believes that basic culinary knowledge is the main power of future improvement for Indonesian culinary professionals. “With our intention to donate this book to culinary education in Indonesia, we hope that Indonesian students will be the spark in conserving Indonesian culinary traditions whether in their own country or overseas. This book launching also supports the ongoing program: "Spice up the world Indonesia” said Chef Stefu, advisor of ACP.

We have greatest hope that ACP will be able to continue writing and publishing the rest of the series on Basic Knowledge of Culinary.