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It's Time to be Brave

Commitment | 3 September 2021
Marine Lt. Salma Amalia Zakaria

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) and Plataran Indonesia Spread Optimism through BERANI.

As a form of public-private partnership in the context of advancing ecotourism, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) and Plataran Indonesia collaborated to present a series of inspiring talk show program BERANI (brave) stands for Bersama Generasi Kini (together with today's generation), which was broadcast via Youtube to socialize the concept of ecotourism that considers environmental, socio-economic aspects of the present and the future.

Entering the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is a lot of information about the virus that causes people to be anxious and lose their enthusiasm for life. However, behind the challenges, there are still waves of young people who are still struggling to contribute and work for the nation. This has encouraged Plataran Indonesia and the Kemenparekraf to create a program that has positive content for inspiring young people in their fields. BERANI was launched on 21 August and will feature a total of 5 episodes with young people who excel in various fields as sources with different themes in each episode.

Sabrina Anggraini

In the first episode, the theme was Women in Red and White: Not Ordinary Women, which featured young women with good achievements from the fields of ecotourism conservation, technology and national defense. They include Marine Lt. Salma Amalia Zakaria –superwoman of the Indonesian Navy (22 years old), Flight Lt. Ajeng Tresna Dwi Wijayanti – Indonesia's first female fighter pilot (26 years), Sabrina Anggraini –Puteri Indonesia Riau 2019 & Founder Kultara and Natuno Lab (26 years old) and Swietenia Puspa Lestari – Founder of Divers Clean Action (26 years old).

Each of them told their journey in reaching the highest point of achievement guided by hosts TasyaKamila (actress and environmental activist), Frederika Alexis Cull (Putri Indonesia and Miss Universe Indonesia 2019), and Anandita Makes Adoe (Chief Strategic Officer of Plataran Indonesia).

Flight Lt. Ajeng Tresna Dwi Wijayanti (right).

“I hope that the BERANI program, which brings together outstanding young people with different backgrounds, will foster self-confidence to work in their respective fields. In addition, through this program, I invite the younger generation to inform the whole world about Wonderful Indonesia through various communication channels, which ultimately makes Indonesia known as the center of world ecotourism," said Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy SandiagaUno.

From the government's perspective, according to Uno, this strategy is a national government strategy, but during this pandemic period, adaptation is needed to restore tourism products and image. Supported by innovations such as the application of diversification and digitization as well as collaboration between the government, local communities, NGOs, and private sectors such as Plataran Indonesia with its BERANI program.

Swietenia Puspa Lestari

Meanwhile, CEO of Plataran Indonesia, Yozua Makes said, “Thank you for the collaboration between the government and the private sector, in this case Plataran Indonesia. Together we continue to build Indonesia and for the current generation, be brave, we will continue to make Indonesia shine even more.”