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Social Services and the Spark of Hope for Humanity Amid the Covid-19 Crisis

Commitment | 24 July 2020
Students become the hope to send a good message of humanity through their participation in social services to help one another during the Covid-19 crisis. Photos courtesy of Sinarmas World Academy 

The Covid-19 pandemic has just hit its peak and most likely won’t be ending soon, leaving countless aftermaths to humanity. In this challenging situation, social dedication and service is needed more than anything to shine the light from the goodness in humanity amidst the uncertainty and crisis.

Recently, Indonesia has started facing numerous outbreaks of deaths and infection of the Covid-19, putting weight to the need for social service and donation. Among all, an immensely threatening impact is the corona blue, which indicates a state of the mental slump caused by social and physical isolation.

Attempting to remedy the ruins of the pandemic, governments, organisations, and individuals constantly attempt to light up the society with service actions. Among these actions, 4 students of Sinarmas World Academy (SWA) have conducted a donation project to Rawinala Foundation, an orphanage for disabled children, before the school closed due to the pandemic. Concerned about how severe the impacts are on underprivileged people, the students unified under the name of peace and hope.

Children in Rawinala Foundation participating in scout activities

After researching and visiting many organisations for peace, the group analysed how these organizations will overcome the situation and what is needed in the process. They came up with ideas on how to sell light snacks and food and donate the profit raised to support the orphanage. Conducting multiple fundraisers to raise money, the group ‘All for One, One for All’ donated money to supply the children in Rawinala Foundation with amenities such as face masks, food, and educational materials with the money donated.

Among the foods sold in the fundraisers, Indomie, an Indonesian instant noodle brand, was the dominant one sold. As Indomie is a food that represents Indonesia and is very famous, selling this product will increase the profits raised. By donating to Rawinala Foundation, the student group was able to open more doors for them and give hope to fight against the pandemic. One improvement that can be made is diversifying the route to raise money for donation. Either by making more menus or selling handmade goods, students could have optimised the interest on the fundraisers, increasing the profit.

The story is written by Jaeyi Kim, a grade 7 student at Sinarmas World Academy.