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Ambarrukmo Group Gives Back to the Community

COMMUNITY | 1 August 2021

The Ambarrukmo Group organises numerous charity programmes throughout the year as a form of management compassion in regards to giving back and strengthening the relationship with the local community. Recently, the Ambarukkmo Group organised several charity programmes to give back to the community in conjunction with Eid al-Adha as well as to help those in the community that are affected by the pandemic.

Each year, the Ambarrukmo Group organises a community social activity in celebration of Eid al-Adha. On Monday, 19 July 2021, the Ambarrukmo Group donated nine sacrificial animals to five mosques in different "dukuh" (hamlet) that are located around the Ambarrukmo Group’s business district, the Depok Sleman Koramil and the West Depok District Police (Polsek Depok Barat). The recipient hamlets are Ambarrukmo, Gowok, Nologaten, Tempel and Samirono.

With strict health and safety protocols intact, the donation was presented to the recipients by the respective management of each Ambarrukmo Group properties including the Plaza Ambarrukmo, Royal Ambarrukmo, Grand Ambarrukmo, and PORTA by Ambarrukmo.

Then on Thursday and Friday, 22 & 23 July 2021, the Ambarrukmo Group distributed aid packages to the local community in the five different hamlets that are affected by the pandemic and had to undergo self-quarantine. The Ambarrukmo Group is dedicated to donating 1,000 aid packages, consisting of basic necessities including vitamins.

The distribution of the aid packages will be carried out in stages with the first one completed on 22 & 23 July 2021. The distribution was carried out by representatives of the Plaza Ambarrukmo, Royal Ambarrukmo, Grand Ambarrukmo and PORTA by Ambarrukmo, and accompanied by officers from the COVID-19 Task Force of West Depok District Police and Koramil II Depok. The aid packages were handed over to the Heads of each hamlet, who will then directly distribute them to the residents of their respective hamlet who are undergoing self-quarantine.

With these charity programmes and donations, the Ambarrukmo Group hopes that it will be useful to the local residents and lessen their burden, especially those stricken with COVID-19, so that they may recover soon and return to their regular activities soon.

Media Contact:
Indra Gunawan
Chief Marcom Plaza Ambarrukmo
+62 877 3938 3879