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IWA: A New Sake Brand by Richard Geoffroy Enters the Indonesian Market

NEWS | 19 November 2021


Sake connoisseurs in Indonesia will be delighted to know that there’s a new sake brand that has entered the fold: IWA. Shiraiwa K.K. is proud to announce the launch of this new sake brand, a monumental sake that uncovers a new phase in the thousand-year history of sake. IWA is the brainchild of Richard Geoffroy, an important figure who paved the path for the iconic Dom Pérignon Champagne for 28 years as its fifth Chef de Cave. Crafted in Toyama, Japan, IW 5A is firmly rooted in its home country, presenting three traditional and one new sake brewing methods.

Richard Geoffroy introduces an innovative process into sake-making through his expert Assemblage method. The creation of IWA 5 is the epitome of the pursuit of the perfect balance, by design. An initiative like this wouldn’t be accomplished through a single brew, hence, Assemblage is the answer. The Assemblage of IWA 5 adds a paradigm to the paradigm, another level to the time-honoured process of rice polishing. A signature of IWA’s, Assemblage is the art form of blending.

Richard Geoffroy

Shiraiwa is pleased to launch IWA 5 Assemblage 1 in Indonesia, mirroring the vigour of endless research and experiment, consistently and innovatively pushing the boundaries – this is IWA’s offering to the new craft of sake. Each new release will be distinctively different from the previous one, yet undoubtedly IWA.

The new sake brand was born out of the union of passionate and innovative experts, including designers Marc Newson and Hideki Nakajima, and calligrapher, Mariko Kinoshita. Marc Newson carved IWA into a glass, crafting the shape of the bottle by transforming traditional sake bottles with an eccentrically dark, velvety gloss finish that creates a dramatic effect when the sake poured, as of light emerges from the shadows. The mark drawn by Mariko Kinoshita, in collaboration with Hideki Nakajima, is incorporated into the body as a thin layer of flat white glass, shattering the stillness of the bottle. It’s a product made for pleasure, defined on the basis of hand and skin, overflowing with warm humanity.

IWA has clear-cut roots: the site of Shiraiwa, nestled in the town of Tateyama, the prefecture of Toyama. In Fall 2021, a modern ‘kura’ (traditional Japanese storehouses) designed by prominent architect, Kengo Kuma, will open on the site of Shiraiwa (Tateyama). Seamlessly integrated into the landscape, in complex coordination with the history of rural architecture that will covey the fundamental principles of IWA: inclusivity, horizontality and community.

Kura © Nao Tsuda

Imported and distributed exclusively by PT Pantja Artha Niaga, sake lovers in Indonesia can get a taste of this new sake brand specifically through the online shop and at select prominent restaurants.

For more information, please visit IWA’s official Instagram and Facebook page.