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The Launching of KESAN - "Kresek Kesadaran', Part of Waste to Art program

SUSTAINABILITY | 28 September 2021

Since the pandemic hit, the demand for disposable face masks has skyrocketed around the world, and this has resulted in tons of used masks winding up scattered in our environment.

More than 1.6 million disposable masks were found in Indonesia’s oceans alone by the end of 2020. This did not include another million that has ended up at landfills. Despite their single-use nature, disposable masks actually take up to 450 years to decompose naturally.

To help save our environment from mountains of mask waste, HIPMI Jaya in collaboration with three organisations that have a strong commitment to sustainability: Parongpong Raw Lab, MVB Indonesia and EVOWARE joined forces and created a program which, so far, is the only solution to single-use mask waste treatment under the project name of KESAN or ‘Kresek Kesadaran’.

The KESAN project launched on 24th September 2021 at ASHTA District 8, Senopati in commemoration of the World Cleanup Day. KESAN or ‘Kresek Kesadaran’ (dubbed "Goodie Bags for Doing Good!") is a unique single-use mask disposal service using hydrothermal waste treatment that enables them to be dissolved and reformed as new useful long-lasting materials.

The launch started with comedy session from one of Indonesia’s best loved comedians Mo Sidik who brought a humorous touch to a serious subject, then continued with a  seminar under the theme Waste to Art, KESAN - ‘Kresek Kesadaran’, Responsible Solution for Used Mask Disposal. This was opened by a speech from Chairman of HIPMI Jaya, Sona Maesana and the presenting speakers were David Christian (Head of Maritime, Agriculture, Forestry and Environment of HIPMI Jaya and Founder of EVOWARE), Alistair Speirs (Chairman of MVB Indonesia), Rendy Aditya Wachid (Founder of Parongpong Raw Lab) and Nugie Nugraha (Musician and Environmental Activist).

The event closed by a ceremonial of KESAN plague that signed by all speakers and the Chairman of HIPMI Jaya.

KESAN bag is a project under the Waste to Art program that is focused on waste treatment and recycling of single-use masks. With the initial focus areas on 3 different cities Jakarta, Bandung and Bali, and soon to follow Yogyakarta.

The KESAN bags that are used to collect the used masks, are made from dried cassava that made them 100% biodegradable and compostable which means they are safe for processing and the environment.

The process of KESAN circulation is started by collecting used masks and disposing them into KESAN bags. Before disposing them, participating organisations have to make sure they have been thoroughly disinfected and deconstructed by cutting the earloop straps and splitting the mask into two parts.

Once the KESAN bag is full, they send it to the nearest drop point, from there the KESAN bag will be coded and inputted into the tracking system then delivered to the waste management treatment in Bandung where all KESAN bags will be processed in the hydrothermal system.

The result of the mask waste processing will be in the form of new materials which can later be used as basic components for making tables, chairs and other household goods.

KESAN bags are available to purchase at IDR 100,000 each through Tokopedia for retail or directly to MVB Indonesia for bulk orders of 10 bags or more.

By using KESAN not only you will help to reduce the amount of waste created by single-use masks but also support local small-medium enterprises and waste management communities in Indonesia.