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WANITA BISA: An Inspiring Movement to Empower Indonesian Women

WHAT'S HAPPENING | 1 September 2022

Located in Hotel Episode Gading Serpong on August 13th, 2022, BOEMI Botanicals officially launched a social initiative in the form of a social movement, a two-day event titled WANITA BISA, a platform for sharing and delegating the information from and to women, in order to accelerate women’s empowerment in Indonesia.

BOEMI Botanical is a nature-based personal care brand based in Bali, that focus on the idea of nature, and all comes from “Bumi” (earth) productions and following heritage recipes.

BOEMI Botanicals commitment is not only to build a sustainable business but also to empower communities, especially women. As a commitment to empowering women, since late 2021 the brand already created a partnership with Bali Street Mums, a non-profit organization that focused on empowering women and children’s development. This is the commitment to the local area, in Bali.

Through this movement, BOEMI Botanicals started by providing education to mothers in the form of business classes and production classes. For the business class, the mothers were given information about marketing techniques and selling products. In the production class, the moms learned how to make natural candles, natural bars of soap, and other things that would give them more skills. BOEMI Botanicals also helps promote and sell the products made by the mothers.

Venny Fransisca Hermawan, Director of BOEMI Botanicals shares, “In 2022, BOEMI Botanicals is planning to take the initiative of empowering women into a bigger platform that can reach more women in the nation of Indonesia. WANITA BISA initiated by BOEMI Botanicals is a platform for social movement and momentum to share and delegate the information from and to women, in order to accelerate women’s empowerment in Indonesia,”

Through WANITA BISA we are aiming to open the introduction door between the public and the players of SMEs and local brand retailers founded by women. There will be approximately 50 SME players and local brand retailers founded by women, ranging from handicrafts, fashion, children's needs, jewelry, and cultural arts. Furthermore, Venny shared that through a two-day series of events, BOEMI Botanicals aims to give education to women through conferences, panel discussions, and various classes that will improve women's capabilities.

WANITA BISA aspires to be a platform that inspires and motivates women to continue to expand their capabilities, believe in the realization of their dreams, and cross boundaries so that they can always be empowered.