Discovering Cities with Indonesia Heritage Society Explorer

Wonderful Indonesia, there is no doubt about it— Java, Flores, Lombok, Sulawesi, Bali, Papua, Sumatra, Banda, anywhere in this country—is a pleasure for the traveller’s senses. Wonderful Jakarta is another statement to be considered. This city needs to be discovered, explored! There are many hidden treasures within and around the city and Indonesia Heritage Society

The Best Music Schools in Jakarta

It must be conceded that the Indonesian government really needs to be A LOT stricter regarding the requirements for founding a music school, and teaching music. I once saw a job ad for a guitar teacher where the music ‘school’ required the candidate to first and most importantly possess independent means of transport, and lastly,

Green Spaces in Jakarta Offer a Respite from the Urban Sprawl

The City Government has revamped the capital in the last few years through a number of revitalisation programmes that have transformed city corners into lively landmarks. Nowadays, Jakarta residents can enjoy a break from the concrete jungle in a few open spaces. Kali Besar at  Kota Tua Jakarta after restoration. NOW!JAKARTA The revitalisation programme has involved renovation, construction, and land

Arumdalu: An Urban Farm Honours the Past and Welcomes the Future

Arumdalu Farm in Tangerang offers breathtaking views in tranquil surroundings. Enjoy the sunflower garden as you dine on locally sourced, sustainably produced, plant-based meals, in a completely sustainable building. Arumdalu Farm showcases an urban farm concept including organic farming, prefabricated building, and a farm-to-table cafe. Photo by Raditya Fadilla and courtesy of Arumdalu Farm/NOW!JAKARTA In

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