Bird Watching in Jakarta

City parks and forests play vital roles in urban communities, they are actually a haven for wildlife that residents can also witness. Now, it may seem unlikely, but one can in fact experience bird watching in Jakarta. One Indonesian birdwatcher and wildlife photographer, Ady Kristanto, has taken to the city’s green zones to spot the

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The Jakarta-Bogor Railroad: 150 Years of History

Railway development in Jakarta has a long history. One such historical railroad is the route between Jakarta and Bogor, originally used to transport plantation commodities from Priangan, West Java, to the city. Today the rail route is still one of the busiest, but its cargo has changed, shuttling commuters and those looking for opportunity in


Jakarta’s Ondel-Ondel, Explained

Though their bright and festive appearance seems to have degraded over the years — with (somewhat frightening) street-side buskers cheapening the city’s mascot for a little extra change — no one can deny how iconic and recognisable Jakarta’s ‘ondel-ondel’ are. But what are ondel-ondel, and where did they originate? The History of Ondel-Ondel These large

The Aesthetic Jakarta Library

The Jakarta Library with modern and aesthetically pleasing looks, aims to build a new ecosystem and becomes a friendly facilitator for the people of Jakarta in learning, working and growing together. The Jakarta Library and the HB Jassin Literary Documentation Center, which is present as a new look for Taman Ismail Marzuki was born as

Hariom Tailor Pasar Baru

Hariom: The Legendary Pasar Baru Tailor Revamped

Pasar Baru is hardly new as its name implies, it has a long history of trade that stretches way back in time, in fact it is a memory that cannot be separated from the history of Jakarta. Most of the shops are able to tell the long history of doing business in the area, including

Jakarta’s Library of Humor Studies: A Serious Place to Research Humour

At The Library of Humour Studies anyone can research humour and comedy, for free. This place is not only the first humour library in Indonesia, but also a center for humour studies for various disciplines and professions. Have you ever tried going through the day without chuckle? You’ll probably find that it’s downright impossible. Realized

Did You Know: Jatinegara Market

In its history, the Jatinegara region, or Meester Cornelis, was once a colonial military area. Photo courtesy of The Jakarta Post Why is the Jatinegara Market also known as Mester? The name of Mester is written on the gate of Jatinegara market, visible from Jalan Jatinegara Timur. The area of Jatinegara was known as Mester

Jakarta’s Old Coffee Grinding Places

Toko Kopi Luwak. Photos by Daan Andraan. Main Source: Daan Andraan/NOWJAKARTA In the middle of the proliferation of coffee shop businesses that offer perfect cups of coffee and comfortable ambiances, Jakarta still leaves old and modest coffee grinding stalls with their interesting stories.  From small and dull square spaces that are tucked into a city’s frenetic

Family Fun at Taman Puring South Jakarta

Have you been to Taman Puring? Photo courtesy @temantaman.jkt on Instagram After a three-month revitalisation, Taman Puring now appeals to people of all ages who are looking to relax, spend quality time with family or chase that adrenaline high with a bit of parkour. Nestled at Jalan Kyai Maja, Kebayoran Baru, Taman Puring exudes a new charm,

Eat and Meet at Thamrin 10 Food & Creative Park

An 8,000sqm parking lot is turned into a meeting point where Jakarta communities could enjoy food and run creative activities. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA Opened in mid-December 2019, Thamrin 10 Food and Creative Park is new a lifestyle hub in Central Jakarta built over a former parking space in Thamrin Street No. 10, close to Sari Pacific Hotel and

Excursion to Trendy Markets in Jakarta

There are many traditional markets in Jakarta but one could spot the best go-to-shopping destinations that have unique and trendy style. Photo courtesy of Jakarta Tourism/NOW!JAKARTA A traditional market or Pasar (in Bahasa Indonesia) is the part of Indonesian life where people have a buying and selling transaction for daily household necessities from vegetables, spices, pieces of

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