PALAPA Nutmeg Liqueur, a Taste of Indonesia in a Bottle

In recent years, we have seen the rise of locally-produced alcohol in Indonesia. From craft gins to coffee liqueurs, creative minds have infused ingredients from the archipelago to create one-of-a-kind tipples, bridging the gap between nature and innovation. One example is PALAPA Nutmeg Liqueur, a smooth and refreshing blend of Balinese arak infused with nutmeg

Dinda Mulia

ART JAKARTA GARDENS: Art Fair Highlights 3D Works in Lush Open-Air Surroundings

Art Jakarta Gardens, held 23-28 April 2024 amidst the lush greenery at Hutan Kota by Plataran in Semanggi, Jakarta, is a new model of art fair devised in 2022 as a response to the pandemic introducing an exciting and unique format to Southeast Asian art. Art Jakarta Gardens balanced two components. It showcased twenty-three local and

CARE by Patricia Piccinini Set for Exhibition at Museum MACAN

Opening on 25 May 2024, Museum MACAN presents a solo exhibition by globally-recognised Australian artist, Patricia Piccinini, for the first time in Indonesia. Curated by Tobias Berger, the exhibition titled CARE will showcase forty life-size sculptures, three large video installations, along with Celestial Field (2021), a spectacular installation of thousands of flowers. Piccinini’s one-of-a-kind sculptures

Redefining Fashion with MeLookMel and its Baduy Woven Fabric Designs

Though ever popular, branded clothing often overshadows the treasures we find locally-made here in Indonesia. Luxury brands certainly have their appeal and status, but when it comes to finding something truly bespoke and culturally-inspired, there’s a lot left to be desired. Interests are skewed, and Indonesian-made brands aren’t getting the appreciation they deserve, so here

History and Importance of Rice in Indonesia

Rice holds a special place in the heart of Indonesia. It is a staple in the Indonesian diet, making up half the calories in the average diet and contributes significantly to the livelihoods of millions of Indonesians. Indonesia is the third largest producer of rice in the world. From ancient agricultural practices to modern-day culinary

East Indies Gin: Embark on a Sensory Odyssey

Step into a world of sensory delight with East Indies Gin, created by Spice Distilling Co., Indonesia’s first authentic craft distillery. The distillery’s focus lies in sourcing the finest botanicals from across the Indonesian archipelago, harnessing the diverse and rich flavours indigenous to this tropical paradise, and in so doing, becoming a pioneer in crafting

Cultural Imlek Celebrations and Destinations in Jakarta

What is Imlek? This auspicious day, locally known as ‘Imlek’, is enthusiastically celebrated by the majority of the ethnic Chinese community across Indonesia, with festivities spanning from vibrant decorations and culinary delights to cultural traditions. These celebrations draw people from diverse backgrounds, creating an atmosphere of joy and unity.  In Jakarta, the jubilation extends to

W.G. Hofker’s Artistic Odyssey and the Cultural Tapestry that Inspired Him

European painters have long been captivated by the beauty of Indonesia. The stunning landscapes and rich colorful heritage have served as an inspiration for many renowned artists throughout history. In this article, Sake Santema from Indies Gallery presents a few works from his collection by Willem G Hofker, whose life and work became deeply intertwined


In Focus: Bandung Contemporary Artist Alfiah Rahdini

A young Indonesian lady wearing a hijab sits crossed-legged, making the Dharmachakra mudra hand gesture, meditating on a yoga mat positioned upon a lotus throne. The beautiful life-sized sculpture, ‘Sri Naura Paramita,’ its creator stylised as the subject, is immediately compelling, tinged with light-heartedness, yet packs a mighty blow. The sculpture by emerging Bandung multi-disciplined

Journey into the World of Wayang Sari

The beauty of art lies not just in its final form but in the journey of creation. It’s the process that peels back the layers of creativity revealing the artist we may not know even existed,  especially for those who never intended to be one! Sari Koeswoyo with her wayang paintings proves that everyone can


Indonesian Jamu Officially Recognised as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

On 6 December 2023, during the 18th Convention Committee of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in Kasane, Botswana, ‘Indonesian Jamu Wellness Culture’ was officially recognised by as one of the world’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. For Indonesia, Jamu is the 13th Intangible Cultural Heritage which was successfully inscribed into UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage list.  The news was

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