Savis Tea: A Showcase of Indonesia’s Rich Tea Bounty

The artisan tea products that combines tradition, art and technology to support a natural and healthy lifestyle. Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world next to water. It is heavily steeped in interesting traditions and cultures across the globe, especially Indonesia to having a cup in daily life either to warm the routines,

Sari Widiati

Indonesia’s Finest Tea

The presence of Savis Tea was driven by Lily Gunawan's desire for Indonesia’s premium tea to become a host in its own country,​​​​​​. Photos courtesy of Savis Tea/NOWJAKARTA The artisan tea products that combines tradition, art and technology to support a natural and healthy lifestyle. Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world next to

New Retro Style of Radio

In 2013, an old brand, Radio Cawang was redesigned into an innovative fine art piece. Photos by Raditya Fadilla, Kriya Nusantara/NOWJAKARTA An old radio brand combines craftsmanship and technology to create vibrant abstract pieces for your home décor. At a time of around-the-clock digital connection, the radio continues to be a reliable source for many things

Moloka Farm Living

Moloka produces goat milk-based products ranging from food to skincare using only natural ingredients. Photos courtesy of Moloka Farm Living/NOWJAKARTA Calling all dairy queens to let goat milk work its magic on your skin with artisan products made from natural ingredients. Milk is a rising-star ingredient in the beauty and skincare world. Milk contains lactic

Hexagon: Artisan-Made Recycled Jewelry

One of the brands that pay attention to the global issue is Hexagon, owned by Indonesian fashion designer, Zara Tentriabeng.  Photo Courtesy of Photos Zara Tentriabeng/NOWJAKARTA In celebration of the growing use of recycled and up-cycled materials in sustainable fashion items, Hexagon provides beautiful wearable pieces accessories with thoughtful designs using discarded materials. Sustainable fashion is

Kemala Home Living: A Green Alternative in Home Decorating

Introducing Kemala Home Living, a functional, stylish, sustainably-sourced home décor that offers timeless designs. Photos Courtesy of Kemala Home Living/NOWJAKARTA Among many locally inspired home décor and products that give back to the artisans and communities, Kemala Home Living offers something unique. Decorating the home is frustrating enough without taking the environment into account, and most eco-friendly décor

Rebrew: Giving New Life to Used Coffee Grounds

The growth of cafes and a coffee-drinking culture have seen an increase in the demand for coffee nationwide. Coffee lovers have found a niche in the many coffee shops that have sprung up, both small and local brands to the larger international franchises. One coffee-lover has found a way to recycle used grounds into skin

Asiatica Furniture: The Allure of Wood

Asiatica Furniture offers timeless solid wooden products, which are not only pleasing to the eye, but can also be handed down from generation to generation. Since its inception, Asiatica Furniture aims to be a brand that is synonymous with quality. Asiatica makes furniture that offers a taste of Indonesian design, but with a modern twist;

Jacquelink: Custom-made Crystal-Decorated Items

Looking for bespoke gifts? Check out Jacquelink, a Swarovski crystal accessories specialist, which creates special items based on the one’s taste, simple or glitzy. Whether it is a lavish anniversary present for a sweetheart or a  lovely gift for a bridesmaid, personalised items will surely make the recipient feel special. Jacquelink is famed for its beautiful clutches

G&B: For the Love of Batik and Music

In the crowded guitar market, G&B’s beautiful, handmade goods stand out from the others for their uniqueness. G&B is famous for its electric and bass guitars, which are adorned with batik patterns. Those batik motifs are painstakingly created by using the age-old, time-consuming process that is used in making traditional hand-drawn batik tulis textiles, which

Topiku: Converting Discarded Items into Unique Hats

Christmas is around the corner. Those who want to shop for a good cause, check out, a social enterprise which offers cool hats – one would never guess that the handmade products are made entirely from up-cycled and recycled items.  Photos courtesy of Topiku The founding of Topiku (“my hat” in Indonesian) stems from

Meraki Sisterhood on a Mission to Promote Handicrafts

Meraki is a Greek word that means to do something with soul, creativity or love, leaving something of yourself in what you are doing. The three Jakarta craftswomen, Lita Jonathans, Wiwik Winarni, and Wien Wardana, chose the name Meraki Sisterhood for themselves, because it expresses the heart of their mission: to generate public interest in

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