Studio Eksotika: Paradise for Audiophile

Photos courtesy of Studio Eksotika With thought-provoking books lining the walls, a locally-accented bar and a specially curated library of vinyl records, Studio Eksotika presents a fresh new space for music lovers. It’s not often the ‘geeks’ are catered to in this day and age. Looking to lure in the masses, venues sell-out to mainstream interests; the folks

Fresh and Groovy Java Jazz Festival 2020

Late soul-jazz singer Phil Perry was rendering and reminiscing his pure-hearted old hit song with his signature gospel and whistle. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA Since first established in 2005, Java Jazz Festival has transformed into a celebration of groovy music and nostalgia where different musical genres amalgamated on multiple stages, offering various performances from local and

Migos, Blackbear, and Oh Wonder are Expected to Perform at We The Fest 2020

Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend songwriter Matthew Tyler Musto popularly known as Blackbear will join We The Fest this year to perform his blend all things good between R&B, Pop, and hip-hop tracks at We The Fest 2020. Photo courtesy of Ismaya Live/NOW!JAKARTA The unforgettable memories from last year We The Fest are still in people’s mind but global

Amore – A Romantic Classical Evening

Celebrating Valentine's Day, Indonesian tenor singer Ari Wibowo collaborating with Regina Handoko and Harland Hutabarat will be part of a classical music concert titled Amore – A Romantic Classical Evening. One of Indonesia’s gifted tenor, Ari Wibowo, talks about his upcoming concert and inspiration behind it. Please tell us a little bit about the upcoming

ArtSong Duo: A Magical Performance of Mexican-Colombian Artists

The Hispanic heritage is a hybrid form of arts, cultures and music, and the influences of Italian opera and the European piano repertoire have vital impacts on the development of Latin arts and music. A numerous catalogue of works from styles like abstract folklore, experimental, neotypical, neoromantic, expressionist, indigenist, impressionist, serialism, romantic and contemporary are

All Night Music and Dancing at We The Fest 2019

With tonnes of people went to the three-day festival, tirelessly dancing to lively music all night, We The Fest 2019 was a glorious success. In between shows, Eats and Beats, the culinary corner at We The Fest 2019 is the destination where people going to fill up their energy. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA Offering numerous

Tony Prabowo: Composing through Discipline

Respected Indonesian composer Tony Prabowo told NOW! Jakarta about how he defied his parents to pursue music and the kind of mental discipline necessary to get to where he is. Tony Prabowo, Composer. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA Could you tell us about the time when you first realize that music is the calling of your soul? My interest

Honouring Historical Relations

Celebrating Javanese influence that was present in Paris in 1889, the Impressions Universelles Concert fuses two great cultures together in an enchanting musical performance. A group of dancers from the Sanggar Tari Darma Giri Budaya, Wonogiri. Photo courtesy of STEMI /NOW!JAKARTA Javanese influence in France dates back to 1889, when the first landmark of entertainment in

A$AP Rocky has Guests Rocking Out at Manarai Beach House Grand Opening

Over 2,300 guests packed the sold-out A$AP Rocky concert on 6 April at Manarai Beach House. The group was invited to perform during the grand opening event of the latest go-to spot in Nusa Dua, Bali. Over 2,300 guests packed the sold-out A$AP Rocky concert on 6 April at Manarai Beach House. Photo courtesy of

19 Acts, Five Entertainment Zones, the Lead up to We The Fest 2019!

The most awaited summer festival in Indonesia, We The Fest 2019 is scheduled to be held from 19 to 21 July at Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) Kemayoran. Going with ‘Beyond the Music’, the three-day festival is expected to be a one-stop shop for art, fashion, food, and of course music. We The Fest 2019 is

Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra Put on a Magnificent Performance of Bach’s Mass in B Minor

Jakarta music lovers were given a very special treat recently when the Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra and the Jakarta Oratorio Society put on a magnificent  performance of Bach’s Mass in B minor at the Aula Simfonia in Kemayoran. Jakarta Simfonia Orchestra and the Jakarta Oratorio Society  performed Bach Mass in B Minor on 20 April at Aula Simfonia Jakarta. Photo courtesy of Aula

DeWolff: Music That Blows Your Mind

While all music is made by computers nowadays, Holland’s deep south band DeWolff emerges with an old recording promoting eclectic music in a groovy mind-altering experience. From left to right:  Pablo van de Poel, Robin Piso and Luka van de Poel ​​   One of the wildest live bands in their league, the group, which released Grand Southern Electric in 2014

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