Know Your Style: Interior Design 101

Designing and decorating your house can be a daunting task, especially when you have little knowledge on interior styles and concepts. Here we share background and the visual basics of today’s most popular styles, helping you to lock down a direction that suits you and your home. Art Deco  Everyone knows the exuberance of the

Soya C(o)u(l)ture: A Fashion Material from Tofu Wastewater

An all-female collective from Yogyakarta focuses on the exploration of art, science, and technology, The art collective is addressing environmental issues and empowering women to get a better grasp of science. Photos by XXLab. XXLab was formed in 2014 by five women: Irene Agrivina, Asa Rahmana, Atinna Rizqiana, Eka Jayani, and Ratna Djuwita. This was

Sustainable Décor in Your Bedroom

If waste upsets you, what about converting those broken pieces into some unique bedroom decorating things? Sharpen your creativity and adopt the natural path to be environmentally friendly by giving your bedroom a unique touch with recycled materials. Today, recycling is way more relevant than ever. It’s not just living environmentally friendly by reusing resources,

Taman Ismail Marzuki, The Future of Jakarta’s Arts

Andra Matin's concept for the new Taman Ismail Marzuki. Photos courtesy of Andra Matin/NOWJAKARTA One of Jakarta’s most iconic landmark, Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) has been the subject of a heated debate in recent months. What does the future hold for this longstanding art centre? Jakarta governor has decided to rejuvenate the art centre. However,

Melandas to Launch ‘Home Harmony’ in 2020

Melandas is really committed to serving premium international-designed furniture to the Indonesian market. Photos couretsy of Melandas/NOWJAKARTA Having been established for over 20 years, Melandas returns with its 2020 calendar edition carrying new exciting concepts and programmes namely ‘Home Harmony”. The company uses modern design to connect people with their lives, work and world, delivering a variety

The Blueprint of Inclusive Cities

Within the 10-day festival, the second edition of Bintaro Design District connects creative communities and the public to discourse the importance of inclusive urban architecture and design in satellite cities. Photos by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA Braille dots created by Bandung-based design studio Nusae that read ‘BDD’ is an abbreviation of this year’s Bintaro Design District logo signage that

From Local Green to Statement Blue – Celebrating Colours in 2020

PT Jotun Indonesia launched Celebrating Colours, a new collection consisting of twelve new colours. Photo Courtesy of PT. Jotun Indonesia/NOWJAKARTA As 2020 approaches, Jotun sparks the spirit of a fresh beginning with a new collection that reflects renewed hope for the future. From a studio in Sanderfjord, Norway, the colour specialist of one of the world’s

Veteran Indonesian Artist Joins Converse

Converse collaborates with established Indonesian contemporary artist Hanafi for its new Limited Shoes Design line. Converse x Hanafi only comes in size 44 (28cm) and in a wooden box packaging crafted with Converse and Hanafi signature on it. Afterhours Books offered this particular edition at IDR 15 million or USD 1,044. Photo courtesy of Afterhours Books/NOW!JAKARTA Hanafi embellished Converse Chuck 70 for an exclusive art collection

Indonesia Showcases Betawi Culture in Superdesign Show 2019 at Milan Design Week this April

After its successful debut at the Superdesign Show last year, Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design by Artura will represent Indonesia at the world’s largest design exhibit, Milan Design Week 2019 from 7 to 14 April. With the theme “Essential Jakarta”, the Indonesian team, exhibiting for the second year, will showcase contemporary products inspired by Betawi Culture. Indonesian Contemporary

Combining Comfort and Style at Your Home with IKEA

To most people, IKEA is synonymous with Scandinavian design – but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s designs always spring from Scandinavian minds. The POÄNG armchair, celebrating its 40th birthday this month, was created by Japanese designer Noboru Nakamura. POÄNG has become an iconic IKEA product, having sold more than 30 million pieces since being

Introducing Indonesian Design to A Global Stage

Alvin Tjitrowirjo, the mastermind behind the design firm AlvinT Studio, draws inspiration from Indonesia’s love of art, translating it into modern furniture and product design. Utilizing local artisans and craftsmen, Alvin’s distinctive and eye-catching designs effortlessly melt tradition and innovation. NOW! Jakarta had the chance to speak to Alvin shortly after he returned from Frankfurt,

Boss Design’s Exceptional Task Chairs

When you spend most of your day at the office or inside the house, you better get a high quality chair for ultimate comfort. BWI has entered a partnership with Boss Design Group, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of handcrafted upholstery and furniture for commercial interiors, to bring their best task chairs to Indonesia.

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