PT Jotun Indonesia launched Celebrating Colours, a new collection consisting of twelve new colours. Photo Courtesy of PT. Jotun Indonesia/NOWJAKARTA

As 2020 approaches, Jotun sparks the spirit of a fresh beginning with a new collection that reflects renewed hope for the future.

From a studio in Sanderfjord, Norway, the colour specialist of one of the world’s biggest paint companies, Jotun, keep a close watch on trends in global cities and the way our lifestyle changing in this fast-paced and modern world. Based on their research, they will then predict—and create—the colours that will define homes around the globe in the year to come.

For next year, the company has released a new collection, Celebrating Colours, consisting of twelve new colours, perfectly combined with eight timeless shades: a palette of 20 colours, each capturing different facet of personality and a new hope for the future.

“2020 marks a brand-new decade. It’s a time when the minds of many of us turn to change. We want to learn new things, travel or daydream more, to be more mindful of creative, or to cultivate serenity in our hearts and homes,” Lisbeth Larsen, Global Colour Manager of Jotun, says.

Celebrating green lifestyle, Local Green enchants the horizons of the home to encompass the world beyond it, bringing the nature and greenery that surrounds them indoors. It’s a shade associated with sustainability and conservation, while connecting them with their local environment outside.

The Free Spirit is a colour for wanderers and explorers. Its soft, organic tone echoes the leaves of the jungle and the waters of the lagoon—a reassurance of stability and peace with a promise of exciting travels to come.

The warm and muted plum tone of Daydream is an ideal colour for rooms and spaces devoted to cocooning and conversation. It allows you to sit back, forget everyday concerns for a few minutes and let your thought flow where they will.

A natural trigger of the imagination, Statement Blue is the colour of the creative, kickstarting the mind and stimulating fresh thinking. This option can be used to create bold and unique interior spaces that brining confidence and clarity to the home.

While Exhale is a shade so clear and light that it can replace a neutral colour. A colour that invites customers to relax, be calm and breathe.

Established in 1926, Jotun has a long tradition of ground-breaking research and colour innovation. The company is renowned for both the aesthetics of its decorative paints and the protection and durability its powder coating offer. Over the years, it has become the paint brand of choice for many iconic buildings, including the Eiffel Tower, the Petronas Towers and the Burj Khalifa. Customers can find more favourite colours that meet the taste.

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