Danish-Indonesian Business Chamber

Fully acknowledging the thriving business community and the long history of commerce between the two countries, DanCham is established with the aim of creating a strong business network with ties to regional peers, other Nordic business chambers in Indonesia, and, last but not least, the Danish trade council under the Embassy of Denmark in Jakarta.

The recent change of change from the Danish Business Association formulated back in 1984 indicates a new energy as the organisation strive to build a stronger and modernised version of its vision and missions. DanCham also organizes events built on the concept of inspiration and networking in a non-formal setting.

Lead by Chairman Michael Nielsen, who is also President Director at Jebsen & Jessen Technology Indonesia, one of DanCham’s recent events is the EU – Indonesia Business Network (EIBN) Joint Gathering together in collaboration with EuroCham, IFCCI, BritCham, EKONID and IBAI hosted on 16 October at Bengawan restaurant, Keraton at The Plaza hotel.

Danish-Indonesian Business Chamber

Alamanda Tower 23rd Floor
Jalan TB Simatupang No. Kav. 23-24
E: admin@dancham.id


Indonesia Norway Business Council

A small but vibrant organization, the INBC performs the typical functions of a Chamber of Commerce supported by the Norwegian embassy.

Established in 2016, the INBC is an independent international organization representing a broad span of Norway, Indonesian and international companies conducting business in Indonesia. The main purpose is to enhance Norwegian business by representing Norwegian member companies to the Indonesian communities while maintaining close working relationships with Team Norway, which consists of the Norwegian Embassy, Innovation Norway and Norwegian Seafood Council in Indonesia.

One of INBC’s agenda is that of Innovation Norway, which is the Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. Innovation Norway creates value by stimulating profitable business development throughout Norway. The organisation’s programmes and services are intended to create more successful entrepreneurs, more enterprises with capacity for growth and more innovative business culture.

Further, the objectives of INBC are to be able to represent and promote the Norwegian business community in Indonesia by providing communication and networking connection to establish constructive dialogue with the Indonesian high-ranking authorities, the National Chambers and other Indonesian business community.

Partnering companies enjoy many benefits by being a part of INBC as it nurtures business relationships and broadens the members’ networks in providing easy access to establish platform for business opportunities through introduction services, networking events and provide guidance and practical help to Norwegian SME looking to enter the Indonesian markets.

Leading INBC is Per Ecker, who has been the organisation’s Chairman since 2016. Per Ecker came from the position of Sales Director in Siemens Mobile Networks, where he had substantial responsibility in the Eastern European markets. A military man educated in the late 80s as Second Lieutenant educated in electronics by the Norwegian Army Officers Training School, Ecker has extensive international sales experience both in Asia and Europe.

INBC regularly organise networking events, informal gatherings, lunch meetings, breakfast meetings, presentations, business delegations, road shows and last but not least, the Annual Norwegian Seafood Extravaganza.

Some of INBC’s upcoming events include the Fintech Seminar 2019 organised by Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Embassy. The goal is to promote Norwegian Fintech companies and to see opportunities in Indonesia for these companies. Another highly anticipated event is the annual Nordic Christmas Networking Event. Details for the two events will be shared in the near future.

Indonesia Norway Business Council

Menara Rajawali 20th Floor
Jalan DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot 5.1
T: +62 21 2965 0000
E: execsec@inbc.or.id


Team Finland in Indonesia

With a global goal of making Finland a forerunner in a changing global environment, Team Finland is actively contributing to the local business scene through forums and facilitations.

Team Finland personifies cooperation and more efficient use of resources for the benefit of Finland and Finnish companies in Indonesia. Leading the entity’s endeavours in Indonesia is H.E. Jari Sinkari, Finnish Ambassador to Indonesia, acting as Chair of Team Finland in Indonesia. Founded on the principles of positive cooperation and communication, work within Team Finland is carried out in close cooperation with many actors in the spheres of business and industry, culture and education, based on a proactive network that operates with agility and quality.

As the biggest economy in the ASEAN countries, Indonesia is considered to have lucrative opportunities for Finnish companies to thrive as they conduct business and contribute further to the nation’s economy. The goal of Team Finland is to support Finnish companies’ access to the vast market in Indonesia, where there is a strong demand in areas that have traditionally been Finland’s strongest internationally.

Several prominent areas of cooperation and business include the health sector, education, energy, mining and metal processing, circular economy, infrastructure development, digitalisation and smart solutions to support urban development, as well as sustainable natural resource management, including forestry.

Team Finland also facilitates cooperation agreements with Indonesian state actors to improve access of Finnish companies to public sector projects. In addition, Team Finland in Indonesia aims to nurture cooperation between Finnish companies in the Indonesian market by providing a platform for developing cooperation and interaction between Finnish business and Indonesian actors.

In addition to the obvious benefits, partnering companies may also take advantage of Finnish missions’ and Honorary Consuls’ networks of contacts with local authorities, companies and partners. This network can serve as the local eyes and ears for a company heading for a new market.

Team Finland also offers potential credibility to partner companies through organisation of networking events. The head of a mission or a high official may be involved to lend prestige to events in different ways, for instance by opening it or giving an address.

Team Finland in Indonesia

Embassy of Finland
Jalan Mega Kuningan Timur No. E.1.2


Swedish Business Association

Founded in 1991, Swedish Business Association is a nationwide non-profit organisation with the primary objective to promote commercial and economic interests between Sweden and Indonesia. SBA supports its members to conduct business by supplying them with useful information about policy, market developments and overall industry related affairs.

With SBA being a premier forum for Swedish and Indonesian companies, organisations and business professionals active in the ASEAN region, the organisation is represented and governed by a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee.

For the benefit of its members and the onward development of the organisation itself, SBA organises networking and social events on a regular basis between members and the wider business community in Jakarta and facilitates relationship building sessions between its members and key Swedish and Indonesian government officials. Since its establishment, members have successfully utilised the forum to host memorable events, debates, networking sessions, pursue mutual interests and develop interpersonal relationships.

Some of SBA’s regular networking events include the quarterly Friends of Sweden where the Swedish business community meets with other business associations, and the Meet the Members regular breakfast or evening event providing members and guests and opportunity to reconnect and make new business connections while exploring interesting themes or activities. Check out SBA’s website for more details and events schedule.

Swedish Business Association

Menara Rajawali 9th Floor
Jalan DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot 5.1


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