Detecting Health Risks Early Through Indonesian Innovation

Asa Ren and the Directorate General of Pharmacy, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia sign an Innovative Partnership in the development of Genomic-Based Health Technology in Indonesia focused on developing health technology to present innovative solutions in the form of genetic test screening. To develop health technology in Indonesia, PT Asa Ren Global

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Gifts that Give Back

The approaching holiday season is also a season of giving. Whilst buying and sharing gifts is reward enough, what if the products you purchase also supported a good cause? NOW! Jakarta has rounded up a unique list of products made here in Indonesia, representing the unique creative, social enterprises one can find in the country.

Creating ‘Harmony’ in the Home

We all seek harmony in our lives, and that is certainly the case for our homes where we hope to create spaces that feel balanced, comfortable and peaceful. We can of course achieve this through effective architecture and interior design, but before these more modern approaches, traditional cultures have had their own methods to ensure

Universitas Gadjah Mada: Yogyakarta’s Historical Education Institution

With its beautiful batik, palaces of the sultan, art galleries and traditional dance performances the many famous attractions for visitors to Yogyakarta are enjoyed by millions every year. Lesser known perhaps, but no less a foundation of the city’s heart and soul, is Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) an Indonesian research university located on a lush

Making a Sustainable Home: Designing an Eco-Friendly House

When we think of ‘doing up’ our home, this is normally to fix a potential problem or perhaps make it in some way more aesthetically pleasing. But how about making our homes perform better?  To retrofit their design to be efficient, smart and sustainable?  Through smart design, homes can be engineered to drastically reduce consumption

The Science of Nutrigenomics: How Different Genetics Respond to Nutrition

In our ageing world with a growing burden of chronic illnesses, focusing on prevention in medicine is essential. Nutrigenomics is a field that explores how our genes interact with the food we consume, allowing personalised nutritional plans to enhance overall health. Alongside nutrigenomics, personalised and precision medicine work together to provide tailored healthcare approaches, viewing

Furniture Foraging in Kemang

For decades, Kemang has been a centre for furniture shopping in Jakarta. Its reputation as a luxury residential area, especially for expatriate communities, complements the eclectic collection of homeware, home goods and furniture shops one will find in this South Jakarta area. What’s perhaps best about Kemang is that it offers range, with local, handmade

ACG School Jakarta: Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders

Described as “a small school with a big heart” by Principal Myles D’Airelle, ACG School Jakarta is a top pick for international and Indonesian families seeking a world-class education. Offering an exceptional learning journey from Kindergarten to Year 13, the South Jakarta-based school is a vibrant community of passionate teachers, small classes, personalised learning and

Buumi Playscape: Learning Through Play

Currently open at two locations in Jakarta, Buumi Playscape offers experiential and interactive experiences where young children are invited to learn through play. Children may not understand the importance of their playtime, all they know is that they’re having fun! In fact, play is exploration, especially amongst young children who are led by their unquenchable

TigerCampus for Finding Private Online Tutors of All Ages

The effectiveness of distance learning and online learning platforms has risen over the last couple of years, showing positive results of online tutoring and its impact on students, if done well! But, that’s the issue, finding the right program, especially finding a good private online tutor in Indonesia. This is where TigerCampus comes in, offering

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