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At Jakarta Multicultural School (JMS), the pursuit of academic excellence goes hand in hand with a commitment to holistic development. This international institution’s pedagogical approach integrates age-appropriate activities and differentiated teaching methods, catering to diverse learning styles. This is a place where the young minds are not only fed but also nourished and stimulated to grow into whichever direction their passion dictates. 

Through hands-on activities, interactive games, comprehensive reading materials, and thought-provoking writing tasks, students are engaged in a dynamic learning process that transcends the conventional classroom experience. The faculty at JMS is filled with seasoned educators with a wealth of international experience. These teachers employ innovative methods that favour approaches encouraging exploration, questioning, and discovery. Their goal is to ignite a lifelong passion for learning in their students.

Cultural diversity is the cornerstone of JMS’s values. As an international school, JMS brings together a rich mosaic of students from various cultural backgrounds, fostering an environment brimming with inclusivity and respect. This vibrant multicultural setting broadens students’ horizons and equips them with the social skills essential for becoming global citizens. The school’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity ensures that every student, of any cultural heritage, feels valued and understood.

Extracurricular activities at JMS are as diverse as they are enriching. Students have the freedom to explore their interests and develop new skills through a variety of programs, including arts and sports, science clubs, and community service projects. Far from being mere add-ons, these activities are integral to the school’s holistic education model, promoting physical well-being, creativity, and social responsibility.

Parental involvement is another core of the JMS philosophy. The school fosters a collaborative partnership with parents, ensuring they are actively involved in the educational process. Regular communication and opportunities for participation in school activities keep parents informed and engaged in their child’s educational journey.

Simply put, more than just being an educational institution, Jakarta Multicultural School is also a vibrant community where academic skills and personal development are celebrated in equal measure. There, the students are prepared for the challenges of today and taught to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow. 

Jakarta Multicultural School
Jl. Pisangan Raya No.12, Cireundeu
Ciputat Timur, Kota Tangerang Selatan, Banten
+6221 7444864

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