W.G. Hofker’s Artistic Odyssey and the Cultural Tapestry that Inspired Him

European painters have long been captivated by the beauty of Indonesia. The stunning landscapes and rich colorful heritage have served as an inspiration for many renowned artists throughout history. In this article, Sake Santema from Indies Gallery presents a few works from his collection by Willem G Hofker, whose life and work became deeply intertwined


In Focus: Bandung Contemporary Artist Alfiah Rahdini

A young Indonesian lady wearing a hijab sits crossed-legged, making the Dharmachakra mudra hand gesture, meditating on a yoga mat positioned upon a lotus throne. The beautiful life-sized sculpture, ‘Sri Naura Paramita,’ its creator stylised as the subject, is immediately compelling, tinged with light-heartedness, yet packs a mighty blow. The sculpture by emerging Bandung multi-disciplined

Art Agenda: Appreciating Southeast Asia’s History Through Art

Within the landscape of Southeast Asian art, cultures and history intertwine. This union has created a diverse art scene that is also complex and bespoke to the region. Art Agenda stands as a bridge that connects cultures, art enthusiasts and artworks from post-war Southeast Asia.  Founded in 2016 by Wang Zineng, who has a deep

art jakarta 2023

ART Jakarta 2023: Southeast Asia’s Premier Art Fair Returns This November

Art Jakarta is the premier Southeast Asian-focused art fair in Asia, located in the heart of the most significant art market of the region, Jakarta. It is an indispensable platform for contemporary art exchange and an international forum for key stakeholders in Asia to serve the region’s burgeoning art ecosystem. This year, Art Jakarta 2023

The Art of Decorating with Antique Maps and Prints

In an era mostly dominated by mass-produced and generic decor, antique maps and prints have stood the test of time. While for centuries published in books and atlases used mainly for science and educational purposes, they now seamlessly blend into a variety of interior design styles, from traditional to contemporary. A vintage world map can

ISA Art Gallery Presents a Cross-Generational Exhibition of Bandung Artists

ISA Art Gallery presents the ‘Mother Tongue – Are You There?’ exhibition from 16 September – 17 October 2023, showcasing three generations of Bandung artists with diverse backgrounds and media. This exhibition highlights how Bandung artists blend their mother tongue with contemporary influences to create stunning artworks that unite tradition with modernity.  Bandung is renowned

Mental Health Activist Hana Madness, An Art Success Story

I first met Hana Madness at the discussion “Art Has Saved My Life”, led by two Indonesian art activists at the Rumah Sanur Creative Hub, Bali, in June 2019. The discussion was one of the forums of Ayo Ketemu! (Let’s Meet!), an innovative entrepreneurial, creative program for Indonesians with mental and physical disabilities. Hana spoke of utilising

ARTJOG 2023 – Motif: Lamaran (Proposal)

ARTJOG 2023 is being held again at Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, from 30 June to 27 August 2023. This year, the highly-lauded annual exhibition takes the theme of Motif: Lamaran (Motif: Proposal) and involves an impressive 73 artists, consisting of 51 adult artists and 22 young artists. The theme “Motif: Proposal” was picked as the


Masks of Bali: Between Heaven and Hell

An outstanding new book documenting Bali’s living mask traditions and masterpieces has recently been launched, co-authored by acclaimed dancer-scholar, Prof. Dr. I Made Bandem, and art historian, Bruce W. Carpenter. Launched in Bali late December 2022 at the charming Tandjung Sari resort, followed by a launching at the Jakarta National Museum in March, this pivotal

Invented History and Remembrance of Being

Srisasanti Gallery’s solo exhibitions of Ida Bagus Putu Purwa: Remembrance of Being and Iskandar Fauzy: Sejarah yang Ditemu-Ciptakan (Invented History),  are running from 22 October – 11 December 2022 at Tirtodipuran Link, Yogyakarta. Remembrance of Being showcases the 12 latest artworks of Ida Bagus Putu Purwa which depict dreams, memories, and reflections from things that have and will

“Constellations of Being”, A Family Story of Sinta Tantra

Known for her fascination with colour and composition, Sinta Tantra’s work is an experiment in scale and dimension, a hybrid of pop and formalism, an exploration of identity and aesthetics. Her new series of works, “Constellations of Being”, is being held at Wisma 46, Jakarta until 30 September,and is  presented by ISA Art & Design.

Behind the Proclamation of Indonesia’s Independence

Proclamation: We the people of Indonesia hereby declare the independence of Indonesia. Matters concerning the transfer of power, etc., will be carried out in a conscientious manner and as speedily as possible.  Djakarta, 17 August 1945. In the name of the people of Indonesia, Soekarno – Hatta. The red-and-white flag, ‘Sang Merah Putih’, was raised

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