Patricia Piccinini (b. Sierra Leone, 1965). Kindred (2018). Silicone, fibreglass, hair. 103 x 95 x 128 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Ames Yavuz Singapore. © Patricia Piccinini. Image courtesy of the artist.

Opening on 25 May 2024, Museum MACAN presents a solo exhibition by globally-recognised Australian artist, Patricia Piccinini, for the first time in Indonesia.

Curated by Tobias Berger, the exhibition titled CARE will showcase forty life-size sculptures, three large video installations, along with Celestial Field (2021), a spectacular installation of thousands of flowers. Piccinini’s one-of-a-kind sculptures depict surreal and imaginary creatures, incorporating both synthetic and natural materials, including hair and taxidermy animals.

Born in Sierra Leone in 1965, Patricia Piccinini began her career by studying anatomy, ancient specimens, and pathology in medical museums, which later became the foundation for developing her artworks. These studies have materialised into her hyper-realistic sculptures of natural and mechanical chimeras.

Patricia Piccinini (b. Sierra Leone, 1965). The Bond (2016). Silicone, fibreglass, human hair, clothing, chairs. 162 x 56 x 50 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Ames Yavuz Singapore. © Patricia Piccinini. Image courtesy of the artist.

Piccinini’s works reflect on the increasingly nebulous boundaries between the artificial and the natural; questioning our understanding of set relationships with the surrounding world and suggesting a future where humanity and other creatures might coexist not just in the same spaces but potentially in the same bodily form. As such, the exhibition’s title, CARE, addresses the universal feelings related to connection and intimacy which resonate with audiences around the world.

“I think that CARE is a great opportunity to connect with that audience over issues that affect us all, from the environment to the nature of contemporary urban life. I think the intensity of Jakarta connects with the intensity of the work in an interesting way,” comments Patricia Piccinini on her upcoming exhibition.

On exhibition from 25 May to 6 October 2024.

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