Sarinah Duty Free: A Curation of Indonesian Products

Sarinah Duty Free is a complete duty-free shopping destination in the heart of the capital offering a selection of luxury goods, from fashion, jewellery, fragrances, liquor, wine, wellness, food and beverage products from both local and international brands. It is also dedicated to showcase handpicked MSMEs products. Since reopening in March 2022, Sarinah has emphasised

Senayan Preloved Branded Centre 1

A Preloved Treasure Trove in Senayan

Indonesia’s growing secondhand luxury market has inspired more than 50 sellers to open a brick-and-mortar shopping complex focusing on luxury preloved goods. The luxury secondhand or preloved market in the world has grown significantly in the past few years. According to, in 2021, the market revenue for preloved luxury goods was estimated to be

Central Market PIK 1

Central Market PIK: An Eco-Friendly One-Stop Shopping Destination

Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) has become one of the most vastly developing areas in Jakarta, offering residents with plenty of leisurely destinations to visit, from restaurants, cafes, lifestyle hubs, parks and more. An exciting new addition to the area is Central Market PIK, an eco-friendly lifestyle hub that focuses on sustainability located in Golf Island

Civic Engagement 3.0: What Residents Can Do for Jakarta in Times of Crisis?

In its 493rd anniversary, Jakarta has no time for festive. In the time of crisis, the city must also look for civic engagement that requires us to prioritise collaboration and public service. Photo by Adrian Pranata on Unsplash/NOWJAKARTA As we know for sure, Jakarta is a megacity surrounded by satellite cities, thereby riddling the capital with

Do-It-Yourself: The Return of Tie-Dye Fashion in People’s Homes!JAKARTA Colour can express our feeling and the Colour of This Year “2020” is classic blue. It seems coincidental to represent our feelings today referring to the psychological assumption and its meaning that ‘blue’ is likely to be associated with depth and stability but ‘feeling blue’ is meant to express grief and depression. To get

Be A New Human in the New Normal

Celebrating Eid al-Fitr amidst the coronavirus pandemic actually becomes a momentum for Muslims to show the true character of piety. Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA This year, Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr has a deeper meaning because it is carried out in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak. Self-quarantine limits social and physical activities in such a way

The World vs The Plague

We’ve heard of plagues before—The Black Death, to name one. But I’m not using the word ‘plague’ to refer to the bubonic plague that killed around a quarter of Europe’s population in the 1300s. Plague can also mean “an epidemic disease that causes high mortality” or “pestilence” or, more figuratively, “any widespread, calamity or evil”.

Fly for Freedom by Sebastian Gunawan Launched at Fashion Nation XIV

Sebastian Gunawan encourages women to express themselves freely with his new collections "Fly for Freedom". Photos courtesy of Fashion Nation/NOWJAKARTA On his debut at Fashion Nation XIV, Indonesian designer Sebastian Gunawan showcased 40 extravagant collections that uplifted women’s expression to the fullest. Violin rendition juxtaposed with an electronic arrangement by Dexter Sound Lab has created

Setali Indonesia: Fun with Upcycled Fashion

These young and talented individuals are dedicated to protect the environment from the dangers of fashion industry waste via Setali Indonesia. Photos courtesy of Setali Indonesia/NOWJAKARTA The presence of fast fashion trend creates a bad impact for the environment. According to in 2018 the development of the fashion industry generates 20 percent of wastewater

Fashion Rhapsody 2020: Homage to Nature and a Sustainable Industry

Chintami Atmanagara presented the latest collection during Fashion Rhapsody at The Tribrata Dharmawangsa Jakarta. Photo courtesy of Fashion Rhapsody/NOW!JAKARTA The quartet of emerging fashion designers Ariy Arka, Ayu Dyah Andari, Chintami Atmanagara, dan Yulia Fandy, the initiator of Fashion Rhapsody took the leap on promoting nature and environment during the 2020 event held at Opus

Fashion Rock 2020: A Disruption in Transit System

Fashion Rock 2020 faced a backlash but It’s just the way how Jakartans reacts to hoo-ha moment. Photo courtesy of Fashion Rock/NOW!JAKARTA On 31 January, Fashion Rock 2020 gave a surprise to the fashion frenzy with a runway show at MRT Jakarta, conquering several areas of the Jakarta trendy transit system to showcase the capsule

Sneaker Society, Atmos Arrives in Jakarta

Hirofumi Kojima, Creative Director of Atmos. Photo courtesy of Atmos Indonesia/NOW!JAKARTA Jakarta Sneaker Society must be familiar with Atmos, Japanese retailer for sneakers and streetwear where the fans are used to travel there for sneaker hunting. Now, without travelling abroad, Atmos sneaker collection including their rare pieces is available in Jakarta with the recent opening

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