ACG School Jakarta: Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders

Described as “a small school with a big heart” by Principal Myles D’Airelle, ACG School Jakarta is a top pick for international and Indonesian families seeking a world-class education. Offering an exceptional learning journey from Kindergarten to Year 13, the South Jakarta-based school is a vibrant community of passionate teachers, small classes, personalised learning and

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TigerCampus for Finding Private Online Tutors of All Ages

The effectiveness of distance learning and online learning platforms has risen over the last couple of years, showing positive results of online tutoring and its impact on students, if done well! But, that’s the issue, finding the right program, especially finding a good private online tutor in Indonesia. This is where TigerCampus comes in, offering

Integrating Literacy into the City

A gardened public space has been added to Jakarta. A hub integrated into the city’s public network that aims to encourage a reading culture, and to act as a meeting place for like-minded writers, publishers and general literacy enthusiasts. Taman Literasi Martha Christina Tiahahu, otherwise known as Taman Literasi Blok M, is one of the

Getting an ‘A for Effort’ with Jakarta’s Top Tutoring Centre

In this day and age, tutoring has become an accepted form of supplementary education. Students – and their parents – seek tutoring for a variety of reasons, yet within an international environment, where students often experience frequent transitions between different schools and curriculums, tutoring has become the norm.  For families coming to Indonesia from abroad,


JIS Opens Learning Center Dedicated to Special Education

Jakarta Intercultural School’s introduces an inclusive learning program for children with neurodiversity emphasizes both academic and life skills                                                             Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) inaugurated on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, a specialized program for children with neuro-diversities called the JIS Learning Center, further strengthening its commitment to providing an inclusive educational environment for students from multicultural backgrounds. “Today

Building an Educational Learning Ecosystem Through EduPhoria Education Expo

On August 26-28, an education exhibition EduPhoria was held again with a hybrid concept from 4 cities, including Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi and Central Java. More than 70 exhibitors attended, from schools, courses, extracurriculars, and other communities. On August 27, there were also live performances, such as ballet, modern dance, music performance, and parenting seminars, all of

Tools for Parents: Choosing a Preschool

Choosing a preschool for your children should be done very carefully. Take your time and make sure you choose the right one. Photos courtesy of Discovery Center School/NOWJAKARTA A well-rounded preschool programme will address not only the academic growth but also the complete development of the child. Here are four criterias to watch for as you

Innovation or Disruption?

We learn in times of disruptions like this, that the true heart of education is not defined by buildings and classrooms. Photos courtesy of Ichthus School/NOWJAKARTA “Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.”  William Pollard Physics Professor & Episcopal priest

ACG School Jakarta: We Are Open for Learning

ACG continues to help safeguard the health and mental wellbeing of their students. Photo courtesy of ACG School Jakarta/NOWJAKARTA ACG School Jakarta’s ‘virtual classrooms’ and online learning platforms are proving to be hugely beneficial for both students and their parents. Principal, Shawn Hutchinson, credits this success to two core elements. Firstly, the live student-teacher interaction which is fundamental

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