Buumi Playscape: Learning Through Play

Currently open at two locations in Jakarta, Buumi Playscape offers experiential and interactive experiences where young children are invited to learn through play. Children may not understand the importance of their playtime, all they know is that they’re having fun! In fact, play is exploration, especially amongst young children who are led by their unquenchable

Discovering Indonesia Through ‘Ruang Imersifa’

The newest attraction at the National Museum of Indonesia, Ruang Imserfia (the immersive room) invites visitors to enter and interact with a vibrant, 360-degree, audio-visual experience of Indonesia’s history and cultural heritage. Found on the Ground Floor of Gedung A in the National Museum of Indonesia (Museum Nasional), Ruang Imersifa is a 12 by 21

Staying Stimulated: Jakarta’s Summer Activities for Kids

Summer holidays can be described with just one word: fun! Yes, school is out, and that means the children are ready to enjoy their ample free time and hopefully go on vacation with the family. Well, unlikely for the entire summer, so to help parents keep their stay-at-home kids stimulated and entertained this school holiday,

Marriage Quotes to Contemplate (and Laugh at)

Illustration of marriage. Photo by Tony Eight Media on Unsplash/NOWJAKARTA Are you confused about whether your immaculate love deserves to translate into marriage? Do you worry about the repercussions of this double-edged sword? Well, read these famous marriage quotes and allow Marilyn Monroe, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Agatha Christie, and others help you make the right choice. Some of them

Staying Well and Sane during COVID-19 Crisis 

While in lockdown and self-isolation, mental health could suffer and reach alarming levels if not kept in check. Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA The outbreak of the Covid-19 is creating stress for the global population – physically and mentally. While in lockdown and self-isolation, mental health could suffer and reach alarming levels if not kept in check, a World

How to Stay Productive during Work From Home

It is not easy to adapt to the current situation as many people are currently working from home to contain COVID-19. Here are some tips to keep yourself productive. Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA The Indonesian government has suggested the community to practice social distancing to contain the spread of COVID-19, urging people to work, study and pray from

Thermos for Every Need

Thermos was the first company to commercialise and develop consumer products using vacuum insulation. Photos courtesy of Thermos/NOWJAKARTA Thermos offers a broad range of innovative portable, vacuum insulated storage containers, giving consumers more freedom to enjoy food and beverages the way they want them. Those who often use food and beverage containers to eat lunch in

The Princess, The Crabs, and The Deep Deep Sea

Jakarta Aquarium presents a unique show, combining theatre stage and water world. Photos by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived in the South of Java in peace and harmony but a rival Queen full of hatred and jealousy ordered a witch to curse her and she developed a

Brand New Nursery Pod at Nord Anglia School Jakarta

The young learners of Nord Anglia School Jakarta now have access to spacious interconnected indoor and outdoor spaces where they can both learn and play. Photos courtesy of Nord Anglia School Jakarta/NOWJAKARTA Nord Anglia School Jakarta has a fantastic new and expanded learning environment for their youngest learners (ages 18 months to 3 years) in their

Royal Safari Garden Welcomes Madagascar Primate Lemur Catta

Africa Mini Zoo at Royal Safari Garden is a popular destination among families to have an instant Africa adventure. Photo courtesy of Royal Safari Garden/NOW!JAKARTA The family vacation destination, Royal Safari Gardens brings ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) —one of the favourite animal characters in the film Madagascar —to its Africa Mini Zoo. Kids and family now have the

Flik Flak: Telling Time like ABC

Well-known since 1987 as a watch brand that delivers precise, safe and sporty timekeeping options for the little ones, Flik Flak presents it’s Going to School collection to welcome the new term. Flik Flak watches offer various watch designs perfect for all kids. Photo courtesy of Flik Flak/NOWJAKARTA A brand conceptualized with every kids’ needs in mind,

Celebrating Skill and Team Spirit

The 2019 season of JSFL—one of the world’s biggest schools football league—has concluded, leaving participants with a heightened skill and a proud sense of sportsmanship. After a total of 927 matches played at ten different venues over the course of four months, the 2019 season of Jakarta Schools Football League came to glorious end with

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