Getting Young People Ready for the World

How can we best prepare young people to feel like they are ready for the world? At a time when the world is at its most interconnected in history, and thus more daunting for those on the precipice of engaging with it, answering this question is more important than ever. Academia has been striving to

The Evolution of Chinese-Indonesian Rights and the Sign of a New Indonesia 

In the Indonesia we see today, one might take for granted the freedoms and liberties we currently have. However, older generation Chinese-Indonesians are one group that certainly do not take this lightly, many of whom continue to live with the mental and emotional scars of the country’s darker, discriminatory past. The open cultural celebrations of

The Distillers Library: A Haven for Single Malt Whisky Connoisseurs

For lovers of fine and rare whiskies, The Distillers Library will be their newest sanctuary in the city. Opening its doors in the stylish compound space, Bumi Pakubuwono, this exclusive venue presents the most precious collection of single malts from William Grant & Sons, namely Glenfiddich and The Balvenie.  Found on the second floor of

A Jamu Workshop with Suwe Ora: Discovering the Jamu Lifestyle

Delve into Indonesia’s traditional health concoctions, jamu, through an insightful workshop that shares not only the methods and recipes of these age-old remedies, but their philosophies as well. More than just a health drink, there is a culture and lifestyle associated with both the making and drinking of jamu, explains Nova Dewi, Founder of Suwe

Jakarta Today: A Tentative Love Letter

Those who have spent most of their lives in Jakarta may feel the changes around them to be gradual, a slow and perhaps even unnoticeable evolution of their environment. One may have a myopic perspective to these changes, focusing on the immediate inconveniences such developments may cause to day-to-day life, rather than noticing the macro-transformation

Greens Indonesia: The Future of Urban Farming

Simultaneously addressing Indonesia’s food security issues and declining number of farmers, Greens, a locally-founded agritech company, brings a new innovation poised to redefine how we approach the agriculture industry. Walking the fifth floor of Plaza Indonesia, one will come across a corner of the super mall that stands out from its commercial surroundings. An indoor

PARKROYAL Serviced Suites Jakarta Set to Open in January 2024

Excitement is on the horizon as PARKROYAL Serviced Suites Jakarta is gearing up to welcome guests and residents in early January 2024. Nestled in the vibrant Thamrin Nine complex, these chic suites seamlessly blend contemporary elements with lively communal spaces, aiming to redefine the experience of extended stays in the heart of Jakarta’s bustling business

Artesian Bar: The Langham, Jakarta’s Chic New Rooftop Destination

Adding to their already premium roster of food and beverage venues, The Langham, Jakarta, opens a luxurious new rooftop bar. Inspired by the mystique of the Garden of Eden, Artesian Bar is set to captivate the city’s nightlife scene. Located on the 65th floor, Artesian Bar is an offshoot of the award-winning bar of the

Locally Brewed: Indonesia’s Craft Beer Scene

Indonesia has long been synonymous with a single beer brand – almost to a patriotic level! Long had this Indonesian beer brand reigned across bars in Jakarta, Bali and throughout the archipelago. However, Indonesia’s craft beers have made it onto the scene and are changing this landscape: Bali-based breweries are bringing their own flair, froth

Jakarta Air Quality: Smoke and Mirrors in the City of Smog

Over the last few months, Jakarta residents have once again come face-to-face with difficulties posed by intensifying air pollution. On 13 August 2023, the ranking of Jakarta air quality was statistically the worst in the world according to data from organisations like IQAir, sparking serious concern among citizens. Whilst the smog itself is quite visible

Rahel Stephanie: Reclaiming Indonesian Food Abroad

From supper clubs to Sunday morning TV shows, Rahel Stephanie is on a quest to educate Londoners and the British public on Indonesian cuisine. Tempe has started to really kick off in the UK. With plant-based lifestyles becoming the norm, the fermented soybean has become a go-to protein alternative. The irony? No one knows its


Kevindra Soemantri Explores Dining in Jakarta Through the Ages

‘Jakarta: A Dining History’ is a book by Kevindra Soemantri that explores the development of the city’s restaurant scene from the 1820s through to the 1990s. Published back in 2021, the book outlines ‘eras’ in Jakarta’s distinct dining past, and presents how the socio-cultural, political and economic shifts at the times transformed the food and

Maja Healing: Improving Mental Well-Being Through the Subconscious

Maja Healing is one of the Bali’s most sought-after practices for holistic healing. Utilising a variety of healing modalities, they have been able to attend to an incredibly wide range of ailments experienced by their clients, often coming to them after “trying everything else without any success.” Mental and emotional strains have the ability to

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