A Splendid Chaine des Rotisseurs Dinner at The Orient Hotel

The fine dining group La Chaine des Rotisseurs got their culinary year off to a brilliant start in the beautiful surroundings of The Library at The Orient Jakarta. Since The Orient has two very different restaurants on its premises (actually there are several more but these are the selected ones!) Furusato Izakaya and Caspar, serving

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A Warm Welcome to The Indonesian Heritage Society

It’s 15th September 2022, and the Museum Nasional Jakarta Auditorium is reverberating with a festive audience. As the traditional conical Nasi Tumpeng is being cut and the top shared with the highest honored person, in an age-old symbolic ritual of gratitude and harmony, two institutions are gathering to celebrate an annual event that brings together

The Sinking of Jakarta

Fact: Jakarta’s Coastal Communities Are Threatened In The Fastest Sinking City In The World. Over the last 30 years, the northern parts of Jakarta have been sinking underwater at a dramatic pace, as a result of excessive exploitation of the aquifers by an ever-growing population, aggravated by enduring sea-level rise due to climate change. This

Beleaf Farms: A Sustainable and Growing Business

In late 2017, a man shifted his passion and his business in the commercial real estate sector to food systems and hydroponic farming, but with a real focus on sustainability. The amount of time and effort he spent in this field led to the development of one of Indonesia’s steadily expanding hydroponic farms, which in

The Bali Island Stand-Up Paddleboard Around Bali Challenge

“I Wanted Freedom, Open Air, And Adventure. I Found It On The Sea.” – Alain Gerbeault We at NOW! Media are huge fans of the Coral Triangle Centre in Bali’s amazing efforts to preserve the oceans, so when we saw this idea we have to tell you about it and encourage you to support them in

GAIA Hotels & Resorts Donates Covid-19 Protective Gears to Medical Personnel

GAIA Hotel & Resorts donates personal protective equipment (PPE) to medical personnel in Bandung and Yogyakarta to support their work in handing the Covid-19. Photo courtesy of GAIA Hotel & Resorts/NOW!JAKARTA Hospitality brand, GAIA Hotels & Resorts provided PPE assistance for medical personnel as a form of concern to the Covid-19 handling, helping the front liners

“Design with Charity” by LaSalle College

LaSalle College organised an online design competition Charity with Design to help the first responders and medical workers. Photos courtesy of Lasalle College/NOWJAKARTA LaSalle College, a Canadian-based design school in Indonesia organised an online design competition Charity with Design to help the first responders and medical workers who need proper personal protective equipment during the battle with Covid-19.

The Rise of Empathy, The Good Sense of Community

The global spread of coronavirus disease might put the world into horror films when people are afraid to even go outside, but there is a silver lining and it's the empathy of collective acts to help each other during the devastating period. Photo by Phinehas Adams on Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA Before this Covid-19 pandemic happens, one might not even be familiar with

Bank Sampah Bersinar: Trash for Gold

It’s not just about educating people to be aware of where their garbage ends; it’s about realising that proper waste management can be a blessing for the community. Photo courtesy of Bank Sampah Bersinar/NOW!JAKARTA There are many waste banks in Indonesia, and these are much needed to overcome national waste issues. In Bandung, for instance,

JIS and Artha Graha Peduli Distributed 1,000 Home Sanitation Kits to Surrounding Families

In partnership with Artha Graha Peduli, Jakarta International School donated 1,000 home-care sanitation kits to families living in South Jakarta. Photo courtesy of Jakarta Intercultural School/NOW!JAKARTA Supporting the war against Covid-19, Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) through its the school wide service arm, JIS Peduli, in collaboration with Artha Graha Peduli (AGP) COVID-19 Response Center provided

Same Skies: Connecting Urban Refugees Without Borders

Same Skies provides services, resources and asylum to refugees. Photos courtesy of Same Skies/NOWJAKARTA Same Skies is a non-religious, politically neutral non-profit organisation whose mission lies in its namesake. Registered in Switzerland (2014), Australia (2016), Malaysia (2017) and Indonesia (2017), the foundation honours the resilience, capacity and skills of refuges and asylum seekers. NOW! Jakarta talked

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