Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Jakarta 2023

Welcoming the Year of the Rabbit, restaurants and resorts across the city are preparing their Lunar New Year feasts ready. So, if you’re celebrating Chinese New Year in Jakarta, then you’re in luck because you have many options to choose from. Sunday, 22 January 2023 will see delicious food, moon cakes, red ang pao envelopes and more to celebrate

Dinda Mulia

Caffe per Tutti: Italian Delights for Everybody

Amuz Gourmet Group recently introduced its new venue to highlight Italian food that you can enjoy casually yet still get a wonderful feeling of  togetherness and enjoyment. Italian cuisine offers a wide range of incredibly diverse dishes. The best part of all these sumptuous dishes is that they are made from fresh and simple ingredients,

Australian Reds

Widya’s Wines: Amazing Australian Reds

Australia has a large land mass area which provides more than ample area for a diverse range of climates, with the main growing region having both warm and hot climates, due to latitude. This condition is perfect for so many different grape varieties but especially for red wine which needs more power on ripening of

H.O.M.E. - Interior (1)

H.O.M.E. by Moonshine: A Modern Dining Venue and Lounge

H.O.M.E. by Moonshine is a modern dining and lounge venue located in the heart of Jakarta, serving lunch and dinner with distinctive Uncle Sam flavours. Located in the South Tower of Sampoerna Strategic Square on Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, H.O.M.E. is suitable for everyone, including your pets too!  H.O.M.E. recently held their soft opening on 1

Meatsmith 1

Meatsmith Launches Craft Beer Wall and New Menu

Meatsmith offers new excitement for beer lovers and refreshes its menu, now created by newly appointed Culinary Director, Sebbie Kenyon. In collaboration with Beervana, Meatsmith recently installed a Craft Beer Wall on its ground floor and invites patrons to enjoy a selection of must-try craft beers. Beervana is a renowned craft beer distributor in Indonesia

Tipsea Beach Lounge 1

Le Bay and Tipsy Beach Lounge Brings Tropical Seaside Vibes to PIK

Living in a metropolitan city like Jakarta, the 24/7 work culture can leave you feeling burnt out and in need of a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, Jakarta doesn’t offer plenty of options other than malls, restaurants, bars and clubs – venues that quite frankly aren’t places to relax.

The Modern Asian Flavours of Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox Jakarta brings a new and adventurous cuisine, inspired by travel pieces around Asia, reinterpreted by Chef Wiem Kahyang Isha.  An imaginary character created by Ismaya, Mr. Fox, is clever, charming, and full of allure even though he is also a shy person. He always wanders the streets when he is traveling and this

Tom Aikens Is Back To Jakarta

The weekend brunch and delightful dinner tasting menu at Tom’s by Tom Aikens Offering an impeccable dining experience, Tom’s by Tom Aiken has surpassed its own stellar reputation as a vibrant and progressive culinary spot. In the past year, the accolades-winning restaurant has thrived to place its name among the most exquisite social gathering place to visit. With a breath-taking and therapeutic view from the 62nd floor of the hotel overlooking Jakarta’s city landscape, it is stationed in

Maya at Sailendra Offers Flavours Rich Flavours of Indian Cuisine

Jakarta foodies craving the rich and sense-tingling flavours of Indian cuisine will be delighted to know that there’s a new Indian restaurant in town: Maya at Sailendra. This new dining destination is the latest venture of the luxurious JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta, adding to the hotel’s fabulous collection of eclectic dining venues. Tucked in the lobby level

Sumō-Ji Presents a Modern Izakaya and Sake Experience

Built upon the concept of Ichi-go Ichi-e, Sumō-Ji by Anima Group is a modern izakaya and sake lounge that focuses on comfortable yet modern Japanese dishes. Sumō-Ji offers a wholesome dining experience that reminds people to enjoy and cherish every gathering that they may take part in. In the restaurant, they cure and smoke their meat selections

Crio’s Heavenly Chocolate Creations

Designed to tempt the palates and please the eyes, Crio (meaning “to create” in Portuguese), is a haven of artful chocolate creations, handmade using time-honoured techniques and fine ingredients, sourced both locally and abroad, Crio’s signature trademark.  A new dining destination where diners can find a selection of fine chocolate creations, tapas, and locally inspired cocktails.Photos:

Man Aur Tan: The Authentic Indian Restaurant at the Skyscraper

One way to have a great experience to enjoy the excitiement of panoramic views of Jakarta combined with a refreshing breeze while tasting crafted Indian cuisine, is just to head to the 26th floor of Manhattan Hotel Jakarta  where its new restaurant, Man Aur Tan was recently opened. The location is also the hotel’s top

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