A Spotlight on Indonesia’s Indigenous Highland Ingredients at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

As part of their annual culinary programme, ‘Journey Through the Indonesian Archipelago’, Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta collaborates with Chef Bara Pattiradhawane to launch a menu at Palm Court, centred on the unique, indigenous ingredients of Indonesia’s highland regions. ‘Journey Through the Indonesian Archipelago’ aims to present the country’s biodiversity through edible experiences, creating immersive experiences

Chef Aman Lakhiani’s JUNSEI to Ignite Jakarta’s Culinary Scene

The high-end yakitori restaurant JUNSEI, hailing from London finally opens its doors in Senopati, Jakarta. Headed by Chef Amn Lakhiani, who dazzled London’s culinary map in 2021 with his Marylebone establishment, JUNSEI promises to deliver a visually stunning and immersive yakitori grill experience. Each skewer, made from the simplest ingredients, is treated as a work

Markette: Kota Kasablanka’s Newest Culinary Desintation

Markette is a new culinary spot in Jakarta, bringing the concept of Western-style, “Crafted Gourmet Dining” closer to you. The restaurant is proud of its high quality of food and standard of service, with each bite accompanied by a touch of artistic flair. Located at the Ground Floor (GF) area’s Food Society, the Kota Kasablanka-based

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta Revives President Soekarno’s Cookbook Mustikarasa 

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta presents a new vibrant culinary programme, Mustikarasa, that invites guests to experience various dishes taken and inspired by an historical Indonesian cookbook spearheaded by Indonesia’s founding father, President Soekarno.  The programme is part of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta’s 2024 campaign titled The Legend Lives On, a year-long celebration of Indonesia’s vibrant

Yello Hotel Manggarai Celebrates 7th Anniversary with Community Outreach and New Culinary Offerings at PERON SkyCafe

In celebration of its anniversary, Yello Hotel Manggarai hosted a series of community-focused events aimed at fostering positive relations with the surrounding Manggarai community. One of the key activities was a cancer prevention awareness program, alongside free blood sugar testing services, demonstrating the hotel’s commitment to the well-being of its neighbours. Adding to the festive

Spice Up Your May with Grand Hyatt Jakarta’s Gastronomic Experiences

From lively weekend brunches to exclusive guest chef dinners, Grand Hyatt is plating a plethora of culinary experiences and programmes for your pleasure this May. The events will take place in four of the five-star hotel’s restaurants from May 2nd until June 2nd 2024. Here’s what you need to know. C’s Steak and Seafood On

Discovering BREMAN85: A Fusion of Understated Excellence and Balinese Hospitality

Located on the 5th floor of Plaza Indonesia, BREMAN85 has become one of the most sought-after gastropubs for culinary enthusiasts seeking a memorable island escapade amid a bustling city. Boasting a menu filled with scrumptious food and excellent beers, BREMAN85 celebrates Balinese heritage and craftsmanship in every dish and beverage served.  Pronounced “eight-five”, BREMAN85 is

JW Marriott Surabaya & BMW Eurokars: A Dinner of Love and Luxury

Prepare for an evening of excellence as JW Marriott Surabaya and BMW Eurokars team up to present a unique blend of culinary and automotive mastery. This romantic dining experience, meticulously curated by Executive Chef Rio Abedneggo, promises an enchanting symphony of flavours. The award-winning Best Restaurant and Bar offers an exclusive 8-course set menu, priced


Acta Brasserie Adds Flair and Flavour to Gading Serpong

Having welcomed a steady stream of happy diners to their popular venue in Senayan, Acta Brasserie opened a second branch in Gading Serpong, April 2024. This milestone move brings the restaurant to a new community, showcasing their menu to new discerning customers in Tangerang. The original Acta Brasserie opened its doors four years ago, brought

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