Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta presents a new vibrant culinary programme, Mustikarasa, that invites guests to experience various dishes taken and inspired by an historical Indonesian cookbook spearheaded by Indonesia’s founding father, President Soekarno. 

The programme is part of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta’s 2024 campaign titled The Legend Lives On, a year-long celebration of Indonesia’s vibrant culture and history. Mustikarasa is central component of this campaign, reviving the past through the iconic dishes curated by Indonesia’s first president Soekarno and one his wives, Hartini, back in 1964.

There are more than 1600 recipes from various regions across Indonesia in the book and Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta is on a mission to reinterpret them for today’s dining scene, fusing authentic representation with contemporary presentation. The pages of this cookbook are set to come alive, bringing back nostalgic flavours of the past and introducing exotic heritage dishes of the archipelago for the first time. Guests will be able to enjoy selections on buffet tables prepared by the hotel’s culinary team.

The bimonthly Mustikarasa event showcases traditional dishes from Jakarta and beyond and guests can also celebrate how the historic port city of Sunda Kelapa has enriched modern Jakarta, weaving together local flavours with culinary traditions from Europe, Arabia, India, and China to offer a uniquely diverse gastronomic journey. 

Each dish offers a unique glimpse into Indonesian cuisine, allowing guests to embark on a culinary journey that spans the archipelago, such as Kari Ayam (chicken curry), Semur Daging Sapi (beef stew), Laksa Ayam Betawi (Betawi coconut chicken noodle soup), Bubur Ase (Betawi porridge with beef stew and egg), Asinan (vegetables and fruit pickles), Soto Betawi (beef soup with coconut milk), Es Selendang Mayang (Betawi traditional dessert contains mung bean flour dough, brown sugar syrup, sugar syrup, coconut gravy, and ice), and many more. 

“Indonesia is a very diverse country, and we are always looking for new ways to introduce our guests to different aspects of Indonesia. This time, we are highlighting the country’s amazing traditional dishes. Our Mustikarasa rotation programme is a tribute to the diverse flavours that have shaped Indonesia’s culinary landscape, offering guests an opportunity to discover the essence of our nation through food. We hope everyone joining us on this journey will gain a deeper appreciation for Indonesia’s vibrant culture and heritage.” said Harald Fitzek, General Manager of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta.

Especially in the month of August where the hotel also celebrates its anniversary, the hotel will deeply reflect on President Soekarno’s transformative period in Ende, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, where he nurtured his vision for Indonesia’s independence. This pivotal time in his life was marked by close community engagement and creative pursuits, including theater, music, and writing, which helped shape his ideological framework for the nation’s future. Inspired by this history, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta invites guests to celebrate this historical moment, incorporating traditional foods and beverages unique to Ende. 

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