In celebration of its anniversary, Yello Hotel Manggarai hosted a series of community-focused events aimed at fostering positive relations with the surrounding Manggarai community. One of the key activities was a cancer prevention awareness program, alongside free blood sugar testing services, demonstrating the hotel’s commitment to the well-being of its neighbours.

Adding to the festive spirit, PERON SkyCafe, lthe hotel’s rooftop venue, unveiled an exciting new menu, offering guests a fresh culinary experience starting at just IDR 30,000. The new menu promises to delight diners with innovative dishes that blend various culinary traditions, crafted by the cafe’s skilled culinary team using high-quality ingredients. Visitors are encouraged to explore the diverse range of new dishes and beverages available.

While specific details about the new menu items remain under wraps, PERON SkyCafe has built a reputation as a popular dining spot, known for its stunning views of the city lights and affordable prices. Its strategic location near Manggarai Station ensures easy access for visitors. At PERON SkyCafe, guests can expect excellent service and a memorable culinary experience. The cafe’s cosy atmosphere, combined with the delicious flavours of each dish, promises to leave a lasting impression that makes one incline to return.

Ms. Iroh, the General Manager of Yello Hotel Manggarai, expressed the hotel’s dedication to guest satisfaction, stating, “We are committed to providing the best for our guests, not only in terms of service but also an unforgettable culinary experience. With the launch of a new menu at PERON SkyCafe, we hope to continue to pamper the taste buds of visitors with creative and delicious dishes.”

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