Celebrate a Blessed Eid al-Fitr at JSI Resort Megamendung 

The gathering and feasting during Eid al-Fitr are moments eagerly awaited by Muslims in Indonesia. It is a time to celebrate bonds and relationships with family and loved ones, creating cherished memories in a tradition known as Halal Bi Halal. Joining in the celebration, JSI Resort Megamendung is offering a special package catered to families

Starbucks Brightens Ramadan and Mudik with Their New Drive-Thru Sticker Programme

Through their seasonal Ramadan theme, A Cup of Kindness, Starbucks introduces a drive-thru sticker programme, Wheel of Kindness, leading up to Indonesia’s ‘mudik’ (homecoming) tradition. The ‘A Cup of Kindness’ campaign has welcomed numerous programmes specially released during Ramadan, including a bespoke Ramadan cup design, Instagram filter Bedug Kebaikan which offers various promotions, an Iftar

A Ramadan Vaganza at Mercure Jakarta Cikini

Presenting their special iftar package, Ramadan Vaganza or Ramanza, Mercure Jakarta Cikini invites guests to experience all-you-can-eat delights from both the east and west. This abundant iftar buffet feast features, global cuisines, from Middle East, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and European delicacies, prepared for a delicious fast breaking ritual.  Iftar Dining Experience This ‘Ramanza; iftar buffet

Cutt & Grill Introduces Special Ramadan Family Platter

As Muslims worldwide prepare to observe the holy month of Ramadan, Cutt & Grill, one of Jakarta’s premier steakhouses, is gearing up to offer a unique culinary experience. Cutt & Grill is set to delight customers with a special delectable Middle Eastern inspired dish, a Family Platter filled with an array of scrumptious menus to

Episode Gading Serpong Celebrates Ramadan with a Kampung Bahari Theme

Episode Gading Serpong hotel has created an exclusive Ramadan delight to commemorate the Holy Month. From 13 March to 17 April 2024, guests can break the fast with the all-you-can-eat grilled seafood and others extensive array of dishes with a unique ambiance of Indonesia’s Baduy and Peranakan culture.  Under the theme Ramadan di Kampung Bahari,

Amaryllis Boutique Resort: A Haven Amidst Puncak Bogor’s Majestic Peaks

Tucked away in the midst of the majestic peaks of Mt. Gede Pangrango, Amaryllis Boutique Resort emerges as a haven of luxury that promises an unforgettable retreat in the embrace of nature. With its breathtaking panoramic views and world-class amenities, Amaryllis Boutique Resort sets a new standard for mountain getaways, captivating the hearts of travellers

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