In April 2024, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta announced the launch of its ‘Legend Lives On’ campaign, a year-long celebration of Indonesia’s vibrant culture and history. This initiative reflects the hotel’s enduring commitment to showcasing the country’s rich history while looking towards a promising future.

As part of the campaign, the hotel will be introducing several intriguing programmes. One of the highlights is the Mustikarasa rotation programme, where guests are offered a taste of Indonesia’s culinary traditions inspired by President Seokarno’s legendary cookbook. Drawing inspiration from Jakarta’s history as the bustling port city then known as Sunda Kelapa, this experience explores the flavours of the past and brings history to life through food. 

Additionally, the campaign introduces guests to “The Curator,” a cultural ambassador tasked with sharing captivating stories of Indonesia’s history. With a wealth of knowledge, The Curator illuminates ancient traditions and local customs, providing guests with a deeper understanding of Jakarta’s rich heritage.

Committing to its philanthropy and cultural preservation efforts, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta is partnering with local organisations to offer enchanting experiences throughout the year, all of which will culminate in a grand event rolling in around August 2024. This event will celebrate Indonesia’s journey of triumph and unity through music, art, and storytelling, showcasing the country’s rich cultural heritage. 

To ensure that every guest’s stay is extraordinary, the hotel’s guest rooms are undergoing a meticulous transformation, blending historical luxury with modern contemporary touches. The events and meetings facilities are also being upgraded to elevate each experience spent at the hotel premises. 

Harald Fitzek as the General Manager of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, expressed the hotel’s pride in its role as a guardian of Indonesia’s heritage. He emphasised the goal of creating lasting impressions through the “Legend Lives On” campaign, hoping to inspire more people to appreciate Indonesia’s beauty, legacy, and history.

The Legend Lives On campaign by Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta extends their welcome to guests to be part of its legacy as they celebrate the nation’s rich cultural heritage throughout the year of 2024. 

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