Indonesia on a Plate: Iconic Dishes of Famed Jakarta Venues

Thousands of islands, spread across landscapes that span floodplains, volcanic soils and sunny coastlines, rich in herbs and spices. These have culminated to create a national cuisine that is both vibrant and varied. Over the centuries, and passed down through the generations, Indonesia’s regional foods have stood the test of time, and have become dishes

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Jakarta’s Delightful Delis

Sometimes we take the humble croissant and a cup of coffee in our favourite coffee shop for granted. But these places have shown us how to appreciate our day by not just sipping the coffee and biting into warm and crispy croissants but smelling the delicious trace of of the butter inside, perhaps the tang

Jakarta’s Legendary Restaurants: Historic Eateries in the City

Jakarta is a competitive city, and that is certainly the case for the food and beverage industry. Yet, despite all the new, fancy venues and intriguing contemporary dining experiences, some classic restaurants simply stand the test of time. Yes, Jakarta is home to legendary venues that were founded around the time, or even before, Indonesia’s

Best Brunch in Jakarta: The Ultimate Weekend Indulgence

The origin of brunch is somewhat of a debate. Some say it started as post-church Sunday meals; some say that this tradition stems back to 14th century England as a ‘pre-hunt’ breakfast. Wherever it came from, this breakfast and lunch combo has become very much become a tradition of its own. Today it is a


Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year in Jakarta 2023

Welcoming the Year of the Rabbit, restaurants and resorts across the city are preparing their Lunar New Year feasts ready. So, if you’re celebrating Chinese New Year in Jakarta, then you’re in luck because you have many options to choose from. Sunday, 22 January 2023 will see delicious food, moon cakes, red ang pao envelopes and more to celebrate

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