If you’re after that perfect steak in Jakarta then you are in luck, because this city’s restaurant scene is as diverse as it is high in quality! Yes, whether you love a marbled wagyu, a tender dry-aged cut or perhaps a massive tomahawk to share with friends, grill restaurants and steakhouses in Jakarta are sure to impress. You’ll find unique Korean-barbecue-inspired venues to premium fine dining destinations and even family-friendly steak restaurants in Jakarta that serve great meats in a casual setting. Browse this list below to see what suits your taste the best!

Aged + Butchered

Steak in Jakarta

In October 2020, MDS Group introduced Aged + Butchered Steakhouse in Jakarta as an avant-garde fusion of an American steakhouse and an Asian Yakiniku restaurant. It was born from Chef Andri Dionysius’ vision to create a contemporary dining place that celebrates and highlights the meticulously prepared selection of “Dry-Aged” and “Wet-Aged” meats. Today, we are seeing the restaurant’s swift rise as one of the most reliable places for meat enthusiasts of the capital. Located at the Mezzanine Level of MD Place in Kuningan, Aged + Butchered marries industrial and rustic decor with a chic and modern atmosphere.

Providing variety amongst the steakhouse experiences available in Jakarta, they have their on-site dry-ageing room that guarantees the quality of the meat, and the culinary team takes their meat quality control seriously, is patient with their ageing process and even go as far as making their own house-made salts. The chefs also grill the visitors’ order right by their table, giving them not only a dining experience but also a spectacle. 

By blending the best of American steakhouse traditions with the vibrant touch of an Asian yakiniku joint, Aged + Butchered’s menu is nothing short of enticing. Try their signature dishes from Hokkaido Scallop with celeriac puree & chips, hon-shimeji, and ponzu beurreblanc or their Steak Tartare with roasted marrow, wagyu flat iron, spicy yukke, and puffed tendons. The menu stars are, of course, their dry-aged and wet-aged cuts selection. All the meat collections in Aged+Butchered are meticulously selected, serving only those with the best and highest quality. 

With their immaculate attention to detail and the quality of their meat, Aged + Butchered has redefined the steakhouse experience, cementing its place as one of the favourites in Jakarta, offering a fusion of West and Eastern cuisine, and intertwining fun with sophistication. 

Aged + Butchered
MD Place Mezzanine Level, Jl. Setiabudi Selatan No. 7, Kuningan
+62 21 29669272

Cutt & Grill

Steakhouse Jakarta - Cutt & Grill

Cutt & Grill is a contemporary family steakhouse in Jakarta made for the city’s many meat lovers. With outlets across Jakarta, the restaurant brand offers a wide-ranging selection of succulent grilled goods and a warm dining atmosphere perfect for friends and family.

This of course extends to the menu, created by Executive Chef Kevin from Mauritius, which showcases dishes made for sharing and feasting together. The heart and centre of the menu is the grill, adding the irreplaceable flavour of fire to much of the menu.

The brand prides itself in offering a very wide selection of high-quality meats, across a range of price points, which makes this meat boutique accessible to diners across the field. At the top of the range, you’ll find the behemoth Australian Wagyu Tomahawk, and USDA Prime Porterhouse; for those who like to enjoy their steaks solo, Black Angus Sirloin and Black Angus Tenderloin cuts are available and cooked to your liking. But it’s not all steaks, the meaty menu features Roasted & Smoked USDA Brisket, Australian Beef Back Ribs, US Short Ribs, Grilled Baby Chicken and Grilled Balinese Tuna.

Other signature specialties are not to be missed, including their Wagyu Truffle Mushroom Burger, Roasted Bone Marrow, selection of meat and seafood pastas, fresh salads, foie gras starters and much, much more. There is truly something for everyone, whether you’re a carnivore or not.

Follow Cutt & Grill on Instagram at @cuttandgrill
head to lds-lifestyle.com for more information. 

El Padrino

A new steakhouse in Jakarta for the meat-lovers to explore, Chef Andrea brings his years of expertise in Spanish cuisine and the vibrant flavours of Mediterranean spices to the city’s dining scene.

Nestled on the East Wing of Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, a grand stairwell spans above a small Mediterranean garden, offering a contrast to the classic Javanese decor of the hotel. The clean beige walls of the new restaurant, arched windows and tiled floors reflect a modernised Spanish-style home, imbued with its Mediterranean warmth adapted just for the city. The entire venue covers ninety-nine seats with two VIP dining rooms, each can hold up to 8 persons, with an adjustable divider between the two areas that transforms into one large private space. 

The restaurant offers its speciality in gourmet-dry aged steaks grilled over charcoal wood and served directly onto your table. Guests can of course choose how they would like their steaks to be cooked, leaving it to sizzle on the hot stones. The meat comes in two tantalising options, the classic style and the full blood wagyu reserva; a FUTARI reserved full blood wagyu from Two People’s bay, exclusively imported for Chef Andrea Peresthu’s establishments in Indonesia. If you’re after a bespoke, Mediterreanean-inspired steak in Jakarta, you know where to go!

El Padrino steakhouse in Jakarta opens every day from 11.30 AM to 22.30 PM, for reservations call (021) 380-5555 or email to reservation@hotelborobudur.com.

El Padrino Steakhouse
Jl. Lap. Banteng Selatan No.1
Pasar Baru, Kecamatan Sawah Besar

Nona Grill

Nona Grill Huis, the newest steakhouse in the vibrant Segitiga Social Hub area of Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, has captured the hearts and palates of steak enthusiasts since its grand opening on 31 May 2023. With a culinary focus on speciality steaks and an ambience that exudes warmth and comfort, Nona Grill Huis offers a delightful haven for those seeking a memorable dining experience.

Nona Grill Huis is the brainchild of a well-known designer but here his dedication to the perfection of the art of steak preparation reaches new heights. With their mastery of the grill, the skilled chefs create culinary masterpieces that tantalise taste buds and leave a lasting impression. The restaurant takes pride in producing a delightful smokiness that enhances the natural flavours of its exceptional steaks, elevating every bite into an unforgettable moment of indulgence.

Steakhouse Jakarta

With their speciality of boasting a delightful smokiness, you can expect that this a different kind of steak in Jakarta, paired with the inviting homely ambience, this remarkable steakhouse restaurant in Jakarta presents an enticing destination for those in search of fine dining and cherished moments with loved ones. Embark on a culinary journey and create lasting memories at Nona Grill Huis, where smoky delights and a warm ambience converge in perfect harmony.

Opening times: 10am to 10pm

Nona Grill Huis
Segitiga Social Hub,Jl. Gedung Hijau Raya, Pd. Pinang
+62 811 9001 122
IG: @nonagrillhuis

RIVA Grill Bar & Terrace

Steakhouse Jakarta

Guarding its throne as a renowned culinary steakhouse haven in Jakarta, RIVA Grill Bar & Terrace presents ‘Chef’s Journey’, a culinary innovation to introduce new dishes for guests to explore.

One of the favourites is the ‘Rib Eye Wagyu Tajima’ served with artisan Balinese salt, a hearty selection that certainly pairs well with the fresh salad dish. Their must-try is of course ‘The Tomahawk’, a top-of-the-line cut of rib beef, whose flavours ooze out of the meat’s marbled texture and intramuscular fat. Seasoned with the homemade ‘Riva’s Secret Herbs and Spices’ and Himalayan pink salt and weighs in at a slightly heavier two kilograms. The Tomahawk is the holy grail steak for all meat lovers. 

As the genius behind the dishes, Chef Angga is known for his innovative approach to taste and presentation, he has unveiled a tantalising array of dishes that grace RIVA’s expanded menu. From delectable appetisers that awaken the palate to exquisite main courses that celebrate the essence of diverse cuisines and indulgent desserts, taking the guests’ taste buds into a whole new culinary experience. 

For reservations: +62 811 1161 2115 or email riva@wyndhamcasablancajakarta.com

Riva Grill Bar & Terrace
Wyndham Casablanca Hotel Jakarta
Jl. Raya Casablanca No.Kav 18, Menteng Dalam, Tebet

Casita by El Asador

steaks in jakarta at casita: meat platter

With 11 years of success under its belt, El Asador is proud to showcase Casita by El Asador, a casual Argentinian-inspired restaurant. While El Asador has a heavy focus on showcasing authentic South American cuisine, Casita takes more liberties with its menu which includes Indonesia-sourced main courses inspired by South American dishes. Not only one of the best places to sink your teeth into a steak in Jakarta, it’s also a great place to try something new.

The must-order items are all featured in Casita’s Parillas section, the 600-gram Meat Platter (or Mix Platter for those craving chorizo and/or chicken), the 200-gram Churasco, and a standalone Chorizo dish. Accompanied by a dressing of your choice – these essential sauces add that extra “oomph” to your meal: traditional/spicy/mayo chimichurri, salsa, tartar, barbeque, mushroom, and black pepper are all options for your meal.

For the Argentinian fusion menu, the restaurant highlights Indonesia’s favourite foods using Argentinian-style grilled meats, such as Grilled Soto Ayam, Steak Fried Rice, and Steak Fried Noodle. Of course, guests still have plenty of options for flavourful food selections, ranging from appetizers, soups & salads, pasta and desserts, plus beverages ranging from cocktails and mocktails to juices and smoothies, and a good selection of beer and wine. Our favourite is their 1 litre Sangria and Clerico cocktails – perfect as something to share, or a drink to keep to yourself after a long day.

Casita by El Asador
2nd Floor, Jl. Barito I No. 31, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
Call: +6285186800204

Tom’s by Tom Aikens

tom has some of the best steaks in jakarta: this is a spread of their foods

Purely as a food destination, The Langham, Jakarta, boasts one of the greatest varieties of fine foods and breathtaking decors. It also posseses one of the best selections of steaks in Jakarta. Around the same time it relaunched its rooftop Artesian Bar, it also celebrated the one-year anniversary of its Cantonese restaurant. Despite all this, its most iconic dining experience is Tom’s Jakarta. Situated on the 62nd floor of the hotel, it’s serving up classic European fare – with a British touch.

Named after Tom Aikens, a legendary two-Michelin British chef, the restaurant follows his gastronomic culture of emphazing the finest local and sustainable produce. With its leather-upholstered seats and floor-to-ceiling windows, Tom’s by Tom Aikens is a restaurant for any season or celebration. Its iconic dishes include its 30-day dry-aged Porterhouse Steak, Wagyu Tartare, and its Lamb Shank.

Partnered with a bar that’s open until midnight, Tom’s kitchen is open from 6.30 am till 10 pm for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even your after-meal sweet treats and dessert. For those looking for their next Sunday brunch spot, Tom’s by Tom Aikens is something to check-out. From 12 – 3 pm and for only IDR 688,000 ++ per person, you can tuck into mains like salmon en croute, mushroom & truffle risotto, and even a US Prime Tenderloin Beef Wellington. Diners can also choose from egg and gazpacho live stations, an array of fresh pizzas and a buffet-style selection of starters and desserts.

Tom’s by Tom Aikens
62nd Floor, The Langham
Call: +62 21 2708 7888

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