B1 Bar AYANA JAkarta

If there’s any country that does after-work drinks right, it’s Japan. Through their casual izakayas and flowing highballs, few contend with Japan’s entertainment nightlife. Channeling that same energy, B1 Bar invites patrons into a stylish yet easygoing watering hole for great drinks and some carefree fun — including an authentic Japanese karaoke night!

Set inside the AYANA Midplaza Jakarta, B1 Bar merges the iconic Japanese aesthetic with Jakarta’s cosmopolitanism, where teak and bamboo finishings are paired with plush seating and designer lighting. The result is an elevated izakaya, complete with shared seating for groups and front-row bar seats for those serious about their drinks.

B1 Bar AYANA JAkarta

Now, it’s not just the decor that’s Japanese, behind the bar you’ll find top-of-the-line Japanese whiskey and sakes, and the bartenders shake-up classic Japanese cocktails and their own signatures. Whether you’re after a premium bottle of Yamazaki Reserve, Unmai-Daiginjo sake, flavoursome Choya Umeshu or a glass of Tenjaku Pure Malt on the rocks, B1 Bar has it ready.

When it comes to cocktails, order up a Classic Highball (Japanese whisky and soda), Umeshu Tini (Umeshu liqueur, gin, lemon oil) or ‘Create Your Own Cocktail’, where B1’s talented mixologists will make something to your liking, complete with a bespoke take-home recipe card. 

If you love a good Japanese drink, don’t miss out on the exclusive Free Flow Deal, available 6pm to 8pm, from Tuesday to Saturday. For just IDR 350.000++ enjoy a selection of Japanese-style cocktails, signature liquors including Tenjaku Whisky on the Rocks, Konishi Sesshu Otokoyama Sake, Highball, and Gin & Tonic.

That’s not all, if you’re looking to go full Shibuya and really let your hair down, then  join the fun at the Karaoke Nights at B1 Bar. No, this is not your usual private karaoke room, you’re invited to stand in the spotlight and sing your heart out on stage. Available Tuesday to Saturday, from 5pm to 2am(!), Karaoke Nights are all about a good time, and the inclusive atmosphere at B1 welcomes seasoned performers to passionate shower singers to take the mic.

Of course, if you’re just there for an after-work drink or get-together with friends, B1 Bar’s easy-going atmosphere will make you feel at home. On top of their superb drinks menu, you’ll find an exquisite selection of Lounge Bites that pair perfectly with your tipple: delicious and easy-to-eat. Nibble on Mini Wagyu Burgers, Salmon Croquettes, Ebi Katsu Sando, gourmet pizzas and desserts.

B1 Bar is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 5pm to 2am.

Book Now: +62 81212965859 (WA) | @ayanajakarta | ayana.com/jakarta

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