It is common knowledge that Jakarta’s culinary scene is a battleground where restaurants are all vying for the spotlight. Even for steakhouses, standing out requires more than just a sizzling grill. Every element from food quality, to service, and facilities counts. One newcomer has emerged from the outskirts of Jakarta to the city centre, poised to carve out its place among the city’s steakhouse elites — Meatguy Steakhouse finally opens its doors to the meat enthusiasts in Sudirman Central Business District. 

Upon arrival at Meatguy, guests are brought through a maze-like pathway of natural stone and illuminated beams, quickly showcasing the intricate attention to detail put into the restaurant. This entrance, like the tunnel to a gold mine, has treasures awaiting at the other end.

Just before the dining area, a boutique wine cellar and dry-ageing room foreshadow things to come, showcasing the curated bottles and cuts of meat that define this steakhouse. Plus, an open kitchen presents the succulent meats being prepared. But, dining is an all encompassing experience, and Meatguy’s 180-degree bar serving popular cocktails, as well as premium cigar lounge, ensure a wide range of indulgences all in one place.

Of course, as the eponym of this quality steakhouse, meat is very much the central focus. For those less in the know, the service team guides guests with expertise, providing insights into the steaks being served and their characteristics, down to the origins of the cattle. The meat menu, is certainly impressive.

Starting with The Hanging Tomahawk “Godfather”, featuring a Tomahawk cut of Australian Wagyu, served with velvety pomme purée and perfectly sautéed mushrooms. The Rich Fat Loin is also a top choice, featuring Australian Fullblood Wagyu, the steak is tender, with a rich, buttery texture that melts in your mouth. Try a unique twist on a classic dish, Carre D’Agneau, this Australian Lamb Rack is coated in a flavourful pistachio crust, adding the nut’s subtle flavours and crunch to the succulent meat, served with green pea purée, potato pavé, roasted mixed paprika, Brussel sprouts, cherry tomato, pea shot, and lamb jus.

When it comes to their sauces, Meatguy Steakhouse goes above and beyond. From the traditional elegance of Moutarde de Meaux to the bold flavours of Chimichurri, each sauce is meticulously crafted to elevate the dining experience and complement the richness of the meat.

Some non-steak must-tries include the Roasted Bone Marrow & Beef Ragout, a delightful starter that features a harmony of flavours and textures, from the toasted baguette that serves as vessel for the decadent marrow, to the earthy mushroom duxelles and tangy pickled red radish. Or opt for the Wagyu A5 Tartare that showcases the quality of Wagyu beef with bold flavours.

Known for their innovative approach to dry-ageing, Meatguy Steakhouse constantly experiments with ingredients that defy traditional tastes. Previous trials have featured Dry Aged Cheese, Mixed Nuts, Coconut and Honey Almond. A standout amongst these experiments is the Dry Aged with Butter Tallow, which elevates the overall richness of the meat. This meticulous dry-ageing process ranges from 28 to 120 days, guaranteeing its premium quality. A 60-day waiting period results in an even stronger aroma and unique texture, boasting a dense beef flavour and tenderised by natural enzymes.

The new Meatguy Steakhouse II SCBD accommodates up to 120 guests, with three private dining spaces that can each fit 8, 10, and 14 people; these rooms can merge into one very spacious dining area. 

Meatguy Steakhouse II SCBD
Jl. Jend. Sudirman kav 52-53 No.LOT 8
+6221 50102860

Dinda Mulia

Dinda Mulia

Dinda is an avid explorer of art, culture, diplomacy and food. She is also a published poet and writer at NOW!Jakarta.