Art Agenda: Appreciating Southeast Asia’s History Through Art

Within the landscape of Southeast Asian art, cultures and history intertwine. This union has created a diverse art scene that is also complex and bespoke to the region. Art Agenda stands as a bridge that connects cultures, art enthusiasts and artworks from post-war Southeast Asia.  Founded in 2016 by Wang Zineng, who has a deep

Lenong Betawi: Jakarta’s Vibrant Art Performance

From Jakarta, a captivating and lively form of traditional theatre called Lenong Betawi thrives. This age-old performing art combines the elements of theatre, music and folk traditions. Lenong Betawi has been enchanting audiences for centuries, even in the age where entertainment can be easily accessed through internet and television, it remains popular amongst local. Lenong

Creating ‘Harmony’ in the Home

We all seek harmony in our lives, and that is certainly the case for our homes where we hope to create spaces that feel balanced, comfortable and peaceful. We can of course achieve this through effective architecture and interior design, but before these more modern approaches, traditional cultures have had their own methods to ensure

El Padrino Steakhouse Brings their Spanish-Mediterranean Flair to Jakarta

El Padrino is the golden child born from the joint forces between Hotel Borobudur Jakarta and the Godfather of Javanegra Gourmet Atelier, Chef Andrea Peresthu. A new steakhouse for the meat-lovers to explore, Chef Andrea brings his years of expertise in Spanish cuisine and the vibrant flavours of the Mediterranean spices to the dining scene

Gather at GLOU Wine & Bistro for a Vibrant and Scrumptious Meal and Drinks

Most wine bars are synonymous with a formal and high-end atmosphere, taking sophistication to the next level. The newly opened GLOU Wine & Bistro offers something a little different, a place to enjoy wine with relaxed surroundings, a cool and casual space where people can chat, unwind and loosen up while sipping their favourite. Nestled

Know Your Style: Interior Design 101

Designing and decorating your house can be a daunting task, especially when you have little knowledge on interior styles and concepts. Here we share background and the visual basics of today’s most popular styles, helping you to lock down a direction that suits you and your home. Art Deco  Everyone knows the exuberance of the

SU MA Restaurant Merges Southeast and Far East Flavours

The meeting of Rachel Tjahja and Ryan Kim saw two culinary cultures collide. Having met in Sydney, the two chefs have created SU MA Restaurant here in Jakarta, where they have found a way to unite their cultural backgrounds and present a fusion of their respective countries’ dishes with style and finesse. SU MA is

A Taste of Indonesia’s Coastline at Terumbu Seafood Terrace

The waters that surround Indonesia are among the richest in the world, and this is reflected in the abundance of seafood dishes in regional cuisine across the archipelago. Terumbu Seafood Terrace brings diners on a spice-filled sailing journey on the nation’s seas to savour these dishes. Located on the 2nd floor of Cilandak Town Square,

The Best of Indonesian Comfort Food at Sate Khas Senayan

Sate Khas Senayan first built its restaurant on Jalan Pakubuwono, South Jakarta, in 1974. At the time, it was hard to find a place for families to go and share big spreads of Javanese and Balinese meals together. Fulfilling these cravings for local food, Sate Khas Senayan devoted themselves to serve families in Jakarta dishes

Staying Stimulated: Jakarta’s Summer Activities for Kids

Summer holidays can be described with just one word: fun! Yes, school is out, and that means the children are ready to enjoy their ample free time and hopefully go on vacation with the family. Well, unlikely for the entire summer, so to help parents keep their stay-at-home kids stimulated and entertained this school holiday,

Betawi Culture, in a Nutshell

In light of the 494th Anniversary of Jakarta, it seems only fitting that we explore the very essence of what makes the capital ‘Jakarta’, with its plethora of cultures merging, and its history that’s rich with pride and struggle, the Betawi culture carries centuries of continuous amalgamation and union, birthing traditions and costumes that are

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