Navigating the Pandemic’s Impact on Child Development

We often forget that the impact of the pandemic extends beyond physical repercussions, it also leaves a lasting imprint on our mental well-being. As we were abruptly separated from our daily routines and confined to stressful environments, the lack of direct interaction with others took a toll on our emotional health. Human beings are inherently

Redefining Fashion with MeLookMel and its Baduy Woven Fabric Designs

Though ever popular, branded clothing often overshadows the treasures we find locally-made here in Indonesia. Luxury brands certainly have their appeal and status, but when it comes to finding something truly bespoke and culturally-inspired, there’s a lot left to be desired. Interests are skewed, and Indonesian-made brands aren’t getting the appreciation they deserve, so here

An Ocean of Discovery at the Jakarta Aquarium and Safari

Whoever said learning was dull clearly hasn’t explored the awesome spots in Jakarta! There’s a great collection of fun and educational attractions just waiting to be visited in this city, including the immersive Jakarta Aquarium and Safari. Tucked in the heart of Central Park, the Jakarta Aquarium and Safari (JAQS) is a treasure trove of

Bumi Pakubuwono, a Stylish Urban Compound in South Jakarta

A captivating new compound space, Bumi Pakubuwono, is open for visitors, offering yet another contemporary and designer destination in South Jakarta. Showcasing an iconic mini forest, the lifestyle centre is a welcoming oasis in the heart of the city. Bumi Pakubuwono presents a new take on the compound concept currently trending in Jakarta, hosting a

Exploring the Eco-Conscious Elegance of Solo Handmade Carpet

In an era when craftsmanship and sustainability are at the forefront, Solo Handmade Carpet (SHC) intertwines innovation and tradition to create eco-conscious elegance through their carpets. SHC repurposes garment leftovers and weaves them using manual handlooms through the hands of skilled artisans, embracing tradition and transforming them into contemporary design The project was pioneered by

Journey into the World of Wayang Sari

The beauty of art lies not just in its final form but in the journey of creation. It’s the process that peels back the layers of creativity revealing the artist we may not know even existed,  especially for those who never intended to be one! Sari Koeswoyo with her wayang paintings proves that everyone can

Urban Forest Cipete: A Haven of Green in the City

With its tree-lined pathways and picnic-ready grounds, Urban Forest Cipete offers an experience of park life one may expect in the likes of Singapore, Japan, Australia or Europe. With cafés and restaurants intermingled into meandering gardens, this verdurous complex in South Jakarta has become a popular reprieve from the concrete jungle. Jakarta has long held

Christmas Recipes: Festive Feasts from Jakarta’s Top Chefs

As the holiday season approaches, kitchens come alive with the hustle and bustle of Christmas dinner preparations. Families and friends gather to create (or indeed indulge in) something magical, more than just dishes: new memories. Embodying Christmas’ spirit of giving, we have asked several of Jakarta’s most prominent chefs to share personal Christmas recipes, and

Finding Nature in West Java

For those not travelling abroad during the holiday season, there are many destinations only car-ride away from Jakarta that provide a quick reprieve from the city. Heading south towards the mountain peaks of West Java, one can find nature abound. Whether for a quick day trip or perhaps an extended weekend, these not-so-distant destinations are

Art Agenda: Appreciating Southeast Asia’s History Through Art

Within the landscape of Southeast Asian art, cultures and history intertwine. This union has created a diverse art scene that is also complex and bespoke to the region. Art Agenda stands as a bridge that connects cultures, art enthusiasts and artworks from post-war Southeast Asia.  Founded in 2016 by Wang Zineng, who has a deep

Lenong Betawi: Jakarta’s Vibrant Art Performance

From Jakarta, a captivating and lively form of traditional theatre called Lenong Betawi thrives. This age-old performing art combines the elements of theatre, music and folk traditions. Lenong Betawi has been enchanting audiences for centuries, even in the age where entertainment can be easily accessed through internet and television, it remains popular amongst local. Lenong

Creating ‘Harmony’ in the Home

We all seek harmony in our lives, and that is certainly the case for our homes where we hope to create spaces that feel balanced, comfortable and peaceful. We can of course achieve this through effective architecture and interior design, but before these more modern approaches, traditional cultures have had their own methods to ensure

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