Jivva: Sustainable Furniture Rentals for Jakarta Expats

Finding furniture that is equally sustainable and fashionable can be challenging, especially for expats living in Jakarta who are only settling in for shorter periods. However, with the recent opening of Jivva’s showroom in Kemang, an innovative solution in the form of high-quality and eco-conscious furniture rentals might just be the answer.  At Jivva’s showroom,

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Exploring the Eco-Conscious Elegance of Solo Handmade Carpet

In an era when craftsmanship and sustainability are at the forefront, Solo Handmade Carpet (SHC) intertwines innovation and tradition to create eco-conscious elegance through their carpets. SHC repurposes garment leftovers and weaves them using manual handlooms through the hands of skilled artisans, embracing tradition and transforming them into contemporary design The project was pioneered by

Making a Sustainable Home: Designing an Eco-Friendly House

When we think of ‘doing up’ our home, this is normally to fix a potential problem or perhaps make it in some way more aesthetically pleasing. But how about making our homes perform better?  To retrofit their design to be efficient, smart and sustainable?  Through smart design, homes can be engineered to drastically reduce consumption

Ways You Can Help to Save Indonesian Oceans

Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara (YKAN) invites the wider public to take real action to preserve Indonesian seas by providing a forum for collaborative action through environmental conservation campaigns. | Photos Yayasan Konservasi Alam Nusantara  Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago, is in the heart of the world’s coral reef triangle, as well as being home to the world’s

Do You Actually Know The Benefits of Solar Energy?

Doesn’t everyone want reduced energy bills, especially as we are now very aware of the  fact that one country can hold the world to ransom, and push our costs through the roof! How about being able to do that with no upfront cost  therefore reducing the ROI period to, well, zero? That would, unless other

The World’s Most Sustainable Cities – NOW! Jakarta Podcast

  The usage of carbon-free vehicles is one of the most important things to create a sustainable city. Photo by sabina fratila on Unsplash/NOWJAKARTA With many things in Jakarta being not exactly sustainable, can we really expect the city to become a sustainable city? Can we really equally take care of the people and the planet

Starting at Home, It’s Time to Measure Our Personal Carbon Footprint

Fridays for future – global climate strike on the European elections. Global emission of CO2 may be falling drastically during Covid-19, but how about our carbon footprint in our house as we spend more time at home? Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA Currently, many individuals and families are forced to stay at home, practicing self-isolation to help contain

Environmental Relief in the Midst of Pandemic

Mother nature benefits from us staying at home. Wold you keep it that way? Photo courtesy of UNEP/NOWJAKARTA One may see more clear blue sky and less polluted air since millions of people have been staying at home during the Covid-19 pandemic causing a significant reduction of global emission. After this all ends, is it

BritCham’s First Environmental Series Aimed to Spread the Awareness

The British Chamber of Commerce (BritCham) held the first environmental series. Photos courtesy of The BritCham/NOWJAKARTA As the first step of the year to spread awareness on environmental issues, this year, BritCham held the first environmental series with prestigious speaker Yuyun Ismawati Drweiga and a Q&A session with Ah Muftuchan and Dyah Roro Esti Widya Putri as the

Is Oxo-biodegradable Plastic a Prize for F&B Industry?

Ecorasa offers a holistic solution by creating a plastic food and beverage packaging using Oxium technology. Photos courtesy of Ecorasa/NOWJAKARTA Amidst plastic waste crisis, Oxium technology offers a role to re-decompose plastic to the soil at the end of its useful life. The alarming increase of plastic waste called for the emergence of strict regulations prohibiting

Waste Management Solution for Sustainable Indonesia

Bekasi city government works with Waste4Change to manage its waste. Photos courtesy of Waste4Change/NOWJAKARTA Waste4Change recently launched waste management governance solution supported by information technology and smart city platform through a talk show on waste management solutions from every stakeholder. On 9 March at CoHive, Plaza Kuningan, Jakarta, Waste4Change signed a MoU with Bekasi city

Converting Waste to Energy with Sustainable Island Initiative (SII)

Sustainable Island Initiative (SII) was launched on 27 February. Photos courtesy of Sustainable Island Initiative/NOWJAKARTA Denmark-Indonesia joint programme, Sustainable Island Initiative launched in Lombok and Riau. On 27 February, representatives of the Danish Embassy and the Kingdom of Denmark visited Batam as part of the activation campaign for the Sustainable Island Initiative (SII), which is

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