Finding furniture that is equally sustainable and fashionable can be challenging, especially for expats living in Jakarta who are only settling in for shorter periods. However, with the recent opening of Jivva’s showroom in Kemang, an innovative solution in the form of high-quality and eco-conscious furniture rentals might just be the answer. 

Jivva's showroom in Kemang

At Jivva’s showroom, a range of furniture designs are displayed with their team ready to offer customers the experience to consult and test their products firsthand before making a rental commitment. Their furniture is meticulously crafted from reclaimed teak wood, recycled fabrics and other natural materials, all expertly designed by skilled Indonesian craftsmen. Jivva’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond materials; their designs focus on longevity, ease of repair and recyclability, reducing environmental footprint throughout each piece of furniture’s life. 

Renting furniture from Jivva boasts an array of advantages. First, they streamline the entire furnishing process, saving time and money by eliminating the hassles of purchasing, transporting, assembling and disposing of furniture. Second, with their customer-centric approach, renters can choose their furniture in various styles, sizes, and colours to suit their liking. 

There is the option to change furniture regularly or extend rental periods, which accommodates customer’s ever dynamic and shifting needs. To top it all, Jivva offers flexible rental plans, complimentary delivery and installation services. As well as the hassle-free return process involving the pickup and cleaning of the rented furniture by the company, easing the transition for those who want to move out of Jakarta.

Jivva answers one of the most bothersome problems expatriates always face whenever they have to reside temporarily for a period of time, finding furniture that is quick to acquire but just as easily returned. Moreover, by opting for Jivva’s rental services, customers also can take part in supporting local businesses, and being committed to environmental preservation and community upliftment.

This furniture rental company is an eco-friendly alternative to furnishing homes without breaking the bank or harming the environment. With Jivva, it is not just about renting furniture; it’s about making a conscientious lifestyle choice that leaves a positive impact on both personal living spaces and the planet.

Jivva Furniture Rental
Kinara Carpet Gallery 2nd Floor
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