furniture shopping in Jakarta

For decades, Kemang has been a centre for furniture shopping in Jakarta. Its reputation as a luxury residential area, especially for expatriate communities, complements the eclectic collection of homeware, home goods and furniture shops one will find in this South Jakarta area. What’s perhaps best about Kemang is that it offers range, with local, handmade wood furniture lining the streets of Kemang Timur, to the more up-market, designer styles proudly displayed on the high street. Here’s a highlight of some great furniture stores found in the area, each offering a different style and aesthetic.

furniture shopping in Jakarta


Here you will find furniture rotted in Indonesian designs but all with a modern twist. Asiatica’s offerings are considerably less ornate than traditional styles, making them suit home owners after a contemporary but vernacular look to their spaces. Established by Grace Pranata and her husband Jeffrey Japutera, the couple turned their penchant for Indonesian wooden furniture into business back in 1997. In line with their personal taste, Asiatica’s furniture ranges from classic colonial styles to clean modern lines that really showcase the distinctive grains of high quality wood.

Asiatica uses various species of tropical wood , mostly teak, mahogany, and rain trees (trembesi, aka samanea saman) which are highly favoured by up-market and expatriate buyers who are the majority of their clientele. Not all wooden items are created equal: their beauty and quality depend on the choice of wood!

“Our product designs follow emerging trends with exclusive styles. Currently we receive many orders for Scandinavian-style furniture both for personal and our hotel or company clients, as this style is easy to maintain and clean.” shares Grace.

Coffee tables, stools, cabinets, dining tables, benches, bookshelves, and beds are among the goods on display at Asiatica’s classic store; there are distinctive appearance items which are quite rare in Jakarta, such as the planter’s chair, which  was popular during the Dutch colonial period in Indonesia, an easy chair that is characterised by a contoured design with a low seat and a sloped back, and step tansu (stair-step cabinet), inspired by the Japanese step chest (tansu) which originated in the Edo period (1603-1868) and used not only for storage, but as steps for accessing an upper floor too.

Jalan Kemang Raya No. 41, +62 817 888570 (WA), 


furniture shopping in Jakarta

Founded in early 1990 by the four Enggalhardjo brothers: Santoso, Yani, Harsono, and Winarto. The name ‘Saniharto’ a portmanteau of all their names! Starting as a manufacturer of sliced wood veneer and related products, the company soon grew to produce doors, bentwood, and table tops with marquetry. In 1997, Saniharto experienced fast-paced growth by supplying doors as well as fine furniture for a five-star hotel in Jakarta. This marked its beginning as a manufacturer of fine furniture.

This furniture brand creates incredible high-quality local furniture in different styles and finishes. For residential, this store provides high-end furniture with highly flexible material choice and design. No matter what your style, you’ll be sure to find a piece that’s perfect for our home, be it classic, modern, art deco, or contemporary.

 In addition to wood material, this store also offers metal, glass, laminate, and stone for the products designs. It’s a  place for furniture seekers to beautify their bedroom, dining room, living room or study room with various products from casegoods, consoles, credenza, cabinets, side tables, chairs, and many others. Customers can select the items by category, product type, and collections. Saniharto assures its customers that every product is custom made to achieve the highest level of design.

Made from mahogany wood with tempered black tinted glass and black stainless steel accent for drawer fronts, Sthana large cabinets can be your choice to accent your living or waiting room. It’s part of the New Age luxury collection by Alvin Tjitrowirjo which is one of the shop’s signature products. You can also balance it with its Kalita round coffee table, made from sonokeling (rosewood) wood veneer with brushed brass accents. The stunning Alice collection by Indonesian interior designer Francine Denise is also worth a good browse.

Jalan Bangka Raya No. 33, +62 21 2271 8458 , 

furniture shopping in Jakarta


This is one of Kemang’s newest stores, founded by Deo M. Prayitna, Eko Priharseno, Logan Komorowski, and Jose Dima Satria, who had the collective vision to bring good craftsmanship to a broader market.

Sawdust opened in July 2023 and very quickly turned the heads of Jakarta’s art and design enthusiasts. As a name, Sawdust, this store encapsulates the raw materials and passion that went into creating exceptional pieces, reflecting the brand’s deep appreciation for the craft and the artisans who bring them to life.  The store has curated a selection of furniture designed by international designers, all of whom present styles that are akin to a contemporary urban lifestyle. These brands include Natadora, Sketch, Root and Branch, as well as United Strangers. They also showcase artwork collections by Sebastian Curi and Luc Am Pierre.

Sawdust’s displayed products showcase a high level of artistry and craftsmanship, the brands offering truly bespoke shapes and forms that will help to differentiate a variety of spaces — be it home or office. You’ll find both small and large furniture, from arm chairs and sofas, eclectic coffee tables and bookshelves, with modular forms that adapt to their use and environment. Prospective buyers can also request consultation for product selection and design, which suits their taste, lifestyle and space needs.

There is an underlying thread that ties all the brands at Sawdust together, they all reflect the interior design trend of ‘Quiet Luxury’, currently favoured by homeowners. This style incorporates design elements that are of high-quality but are not boastful, making residents feel relaxed in their home. Most of the collections here use neutral tones, such as beige, broken white, natural brown, and grey.

Jalan Kemang Utara No. 39A, @sawdust.official , 

furniture shopping in Jakarta


Established in 1975 with a passion and enthusiasm for beauty, Bika has become one of Indonesia’s leading furniture brands and is recognised for its curated exceptional quality and timeless beauty selections for your home, ranging from furniture to lighting, decor to tabletop and limited edition objects.

Its founder Karina Lukmito Cheung, believes that beauty should not only be appreciated but also savoured and felt. For this reason, Bika produces custom designs focuses on creating furniture characterised by quality, strength, beauty, and durability. Combining custom-made kitchen, wardrobes, fixed and loose furniture with selected lifestyle brands from Europe, America, and Asia, Bika’s unique position provides one-stop complete services from deliverable designs to lifestyle offerings such as gift registry and property styling.

In addition, Bika also carries a portfolio of international brands including Baker Furniture, Saint-Louis, Dimensione Chi Wing Lo, Puitforcat, Lasvit, Bernardaud, Ralph Lauren Home, Kelly Weastler, Loro Piana Interiors, Munna, Ginger and Jagger, Baxter, Bika Curated Collection, LSA, Zalto, and Missoni Home.

Discover their exclusive recommended ‘Never Ending Glory Pendant -La Scala Large- Smoke’, a chandelier that rotates the silhouette around its own axis. These large pieces of glass recognise iconic chandeliers from five of the world’s most eminent concert halls and theatres; La Scala in Milan, Palais Garnier in Paris, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, the Czech Republic’s Estates Theatre in Prague, and the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Or if your corner of the house needs a sleek and simple cabinet, you can choose the ‘Boyden Display Shelf’,  a statement piece with geometric lining covered in bronze bik metal or ash matte veneer.

Jalan Kemang Raya No. 91, +62 21 719 8080,

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