Summer holidays can be described with just one word: fun! Yes, school is out, and that means the children are ready to enjoy their ample free time and hopefully go on vacation with the family. Well, unlikely for the entire summer, so to help parents keep their stay-at-home kids stimulated and entertained this school holiday, NOW! Jakarta has put together some great summer activities, programs and experiences you’ll find in the city – and just outside!

Engineering For Kids 

June – August

Possibly one of the most extensive summer camps in Jakarta, Engineering For Kids offers a total of 8 weeks of online and offline edutainment courses, spanning over 18 different locations in Jabodetabek cities and Surabaya. Engineering For Kids provides a STEM learning approach, integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics to real-life applications through project based learning. By learning ‘how it works, and why it works’, students will gradually increase their problem-solving and critical-thinking soft skills. The programs are accredited by, a prominent research and accrediting organisation in America. 

Engineering For Kids’s summer camp classes are divided into two categories, one is the Engineering Camp where children can choose ‘Be a Doctor,’ ‘Smart Inventions’, ‘Living on Mars’ and Urban City Designer classes, experiencing first hand the tasks and general knowledge on how to be a doctor or an astronaut, etc. The second is Coding Camp, this is for those who love video games and have an adventurous imagination. In Coding Camp, children will learn how to code their favourite games, this category is separated into three levels; Junior, Senior and Robotics Camps. Each more daring and fun than the other. 

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Kemang Dance Center 

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Classes 

This establishment has got it all for those who want to have a fulfilling summer activity that boosts their energy and explores their self-expression through art performances. Kemang Dance Center offers several dance classes for students ranging from 2.5 to 50 years old. The courses vary from Ballet classes, Hip-Hop and Korean Pop dances, those who want to focus on exercising can also choose between High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Muay Thai. 

The teachers and trainers in Kemang Dance Centers are all accredited professionals, the ballet teachers carry years of experience, be it from studying abroad at the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) in the United Kingdom or having performed on national and international stages. The ballet class itself also follows the syllabus of RAD, with the students often invited to perform at various malls or school events throughout the year. The pupils of Kemang Dance Center have performed at South-Quarter Dome, fX Atrium, Miniapolis Plaza Indonesia and SIS Theatre Hall with interesting themes such as Dancing to Disney, Sparkling Summer, and Dance around the World. This dance centre is perfect for those who want their kids to hone their artistic skills and increase their self-confidence from an early age. 

Jl. Bangka Raya No. 5C | +62 812-8450-2377 | 

Bricks 4 Kidz

June – August 

Bricks 4 Kidz brings a Summer Camp experience for children who dream to become future innovators and scientists. Spread through six different locations, from Jakarta to Bintaro and Bandung, Bricks 4 Kidz also uses a STEM approach learning system to explore and entice children’s interest in science and technology. The classes come in various different themes based on children’s favourite games or movies and cartoons, ranging from Super Mario to Pokemon and Marvel Universe. Students can choose one class that lasts for 4-5 days in one week. 

Divided into three age-based categories, children from 3-5 years old will learn about the introduction of STEM through LEGO Building and arts and crafts.  For children above 5 years old, things get a little more complex through Junior Robotic and LEGO Building courses, where they will be introduced to robotic LEGOs. Children that are 6 years and older are given the option to learn Advanced Robotic Coding along with LEGO Building, and games, a great preface of science and technology, preparing them for the more advanced subjects they’ll learn once they return to school. 

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Hiking, trekking and camping 

How about an activity that takes children to the great outdoors and out for some fresh air? Head out to Sentul with Team idGuides for their ‘Easy Escape Jakarta’ trails around the area’s glowing rice fields, pine woods and coffee plantations. With 30 different routes to explore — from Family Walks to Waterfall Treks and Trail Runs – it’s an opportunity for the kids, and the whole family in fact, to stay active and to get immersed in the truly natural surroundings found out on these surveyed walking routes.

Led by the Team idGuides Sentul Community Trail Guides, these private hikes support the local community and local area. But, if you’re hoping to extend your time out in the ‘wilderness’ settle into idGuides’ Acacia Camp, a cosy hilltop campsite and hiking base with 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape. Here, you can enjoy lunch, afternoon refreshments, or perhaps even a BBQ and picnic. For the ultimate outdoor adventure, families can also book in for a camping experience, staying the night at at this private camp site, staffed and serviced, with cooking, lounging, bathing and sleeping facilities all catered for. What’s a better summertime experience than gathering around a tent with family, telling stories and staring at the stars?

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Dinda Mulia

Dinda Mulia

Dinda is an avid explorer of art, culture, diplomacy and food. She is also a published poet and writer at NOW!Jakarta.