Bali International Indigenous Film Festival Returns with a Packed Line Up

Bringing together filmmakers from all over the world, the 2nd Bali International Indigenous Film Festival takes place at Njana Tilem Museum, Mas, Ubud, from 10-12 May. Aliko & Ambai is a feature film about two young women facing the challenges of growing up in the beautiful Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The film will be screened

What We Could Learn from the Movies Screened at Plaza Indonesia Film Festival 2019

After successfully screening many award-winning films for the past five years, the Plaza Indonesia Film Festival (PIFF) has returned with a number of movies that reflect the map of current socio-political issues in Indonesia and the world. Covered with ‘Love’ as a main theme, the film festival captures issues such as religion, gender and other

UK/ID Festival 2016 Celebrating Creativity

Art brings people together and changes everything. There’s no doubt about that as the first ever UK/ID Festival kicked off on 18 October. With a focus on youth collaboration, the seven-week event aims to bridge creative talents from both the UK and Indonesia. As many as 33 artists from Indonesia and 26 from the UK

A Man in a Man’s World

In Hollywood, many films and discussions have talked about the hardship of being a woman in a man’s world—indeed, still a relevant topic to this day, because no matter how times have changed, women still have to work extra hard to prove themselves, especially in a predominantly male environment. But is it true that women

A Festive Ending

The year 2016 has been, well, interesting – to put it mildly. But no matter which end of the “interesting” spectrum you are standing on – the good or the bad one – you can always turn to the movies to close the year on a happy note. So, here are some of the movie

Balik Jakarta: The Search of Home

In a world where living in and travelling to foreign countries and cities has long become a normality, fostering cultural understanding remains an important issue. How can we avoid cultural clashes and encourage mutual interest in one another? And if we manage to do so, will we be able to take roots and eventually call

Italian Film Screenings at Istituto Italiano di Cultura Jakarta

Istituto Italiano di Cultura (IIC) Jakarta brings back its popular film screenings as regular programme. Each month, film buffs can enjoy a selection of Italian movies with English subtitles. This January, the cultural institute will screen four Italian films, each Friday from January 6 to 20, at 7 p.m. in the IIC Jakarta auditorium. January

A Tech Savvy Year Ahead

Technology has certainly changed the way we see films or TV shows nowadays. It is indeed an exciting era. However, technology also makes for some truly fascinating stories on screen, as recent gems have shown, like Ex Machina, Eye in the Sky, or even Snowden; not to mention the classics, like 2001: A Space Odyssey,

Festival Puts Spotlight on Australian Cinema

As Indonesian cinemas are mostly dominated by Hollywood movies, international film festivals are always a welcome opportunity to learn more about the cinematic landscape of other countries. The “Festival Sinema Australia Indonesia 2017”, held in Jakarta between January 26 and 29, offers film enthusiasts the chance to take a glimpse into contemporary Australia. “I am

The Mighty Olympians

Sports film has become such a big genre that it might have just spawned a sub-genre of its own: Olympics movies. With the whole world all psyched about the Rio Olympic Games, let’s take a look at some films about Olympians – past, present, and future. This is by no means a “best of” list,

James Cameron for New Zealand

Earlier last month, Tourism New Zealand launched a global video featuring Hollywood filmmaker, James Cameron to entice more travellers, including from Indonesia, to choose New Zealand as their next holiday destination. James Cameron is sharing his love of New Zealand, fronting a new video that gives the world a glimpse of what it is about

Let the Scene Take You There

Some films come with something that hits the wanderlust button in audiences, whether with their engaging stories or beautiful shots – and in doing so, helped turn the locations depicted in the films into instantly hot tourist destinations. Many international productions have done this, but the Indonesian cinema also has several films that have proudly

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