Entree For Entries

A month into the fall movie season, with filmgoers still burping from the fatty, junk food-like aftertaste of summer blockbusters, we are witnessing the emergence of “serious” films that might go on to gain buzz and momentum for an Oscar nod, making them early contenders – an entrée, if you will – for the awards

Rizal Iwan

Showcasing the Best of German Cinema

Already in its fifth edition this year, the German Cinema film festival returns to the Indonesian silver screen from 14 to 23 October. Presenting the best of Germany's current film scene, this year's festival programme features 15 internationally acclaimed and ambitious film productions. German Cinema will open on October 14 with "Gruesse aus Fukushima" (Greetings

Europe on Screen Shows a Selection of the Best European Films

Film making today goes beyond entertainment and creative expression, contributing to education, social changes and trendsetting. Based on this theory, the Europe on Screen Film Festival returns this year to attract film enthusiasts across Indonesia and to celebrate the diversity of European movies. The event shows a selection of the best European films which will

Cinematic Treat for The Family

You thought you did everything right. Everything is prepared for a family movie day out with your kids. You have picked a showtime at exactly that time of day when your kids have taken their naps, so they won’t get cranky. You have packed up their favourite snacks so they’ll be docile and well-fed. You have

The Second Coming

June is a rather peculiar month this year as it sees a roster of sequels – specifically, second installments – trying their luck at the box office. Some are quite timely, some are as late as 20 years. Some are highly anticipated, some would be lucky if audiences still even remember the original film. But

German Filmmakers Explore Indonesia’s Remote Islands

For “5 Islands/ 5 Villages”, young German filmmakers traveled to remote islands of the archipelago to make short films based on their observations. In the second phase of the project, which takes place later this year, Indonesian filmmakers will in return stay in German villages to explore the great unknown. Initiated last year by the

Showcasing the Quality of European Films

The popular film festival Europe on Screen 2017 returns to Indonesia this May! Film buffs will have the chance to enjoy high quality European movies from 5 to 14 May in six cities across Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Denpasar, Medan, Surabaya and Yogyakarta. Already in its 17th edition this year, the festival will be screening 74 films from

Balinale Returns With Multi-Faceted Programme

To all the movie buffs, mark your calendar, as the Bali International Film Festival Balinale is back! Balinale is celebrating its landmark 11th anniversary from 24-30 September at Official Venue Partner Cinemaxx (PT Cinemaxx Global Pasifik), which is strategically located at the popular Lippo Mall Kuta, Jl. Kartika Plaza, Bali. In addition to a week-long

Film Festival Shines a Light on Science

Germany is well known for its achievements in the field of science and technology. It has, however, been quite a challenge to spark enthusiasm for these topics among the younger generation. The Science Film Festival, one of Goethe-Institut’s most successful and biggest projects, aims to change that. The Science Film Festival was first initiated by

Bali Hosts First International Indigenous Film Festival

The first ever International Indigenous Film Festival (IIFF) in Indonesia will showcase a series of films about outstanding indigenous life. Held in Ubud, Bali, the film festival highlights the struggles indigenous people face in Indonesia and around the world, but also communicate their wisdom and knowledge. The scene from The Warden of The Jargarian Forest (2014) which will be screened at Bali's International

The Golden Globes 2018: Women Power on Screen

2017 was a great year for women in the film industry to shine, be it as main characters, directors or producers – which will surely be reflected when the award season kicks off this weekend with the Golden Globes, followed in early March by the Academy Awards  Meryl Streep as Katharine Graham who is the first female publisher of a major

Festival Sinema Australia Indonesia 2018 Highlights Diversity Issues 

Festival Sinema Australia Indonesia (FSAI) 2018 comes back to this month to showcase the best films from a number of talented filmmakers from both Australia and Indonesia. Held from 25 to 28 January in four cities in Indonesia, the films revolve around the issue of diversity, which has become a part of modern reality in both countries. The scene from Ali's Wedding/NOW!JAKARTA For the first time, the festival, which is organized by the Embassy of Australia

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